Mom Makes Adorable Costumes for Her Adopted Daughter With Down Syndrome and Moves the Internet to Tears

2 years ago

Adopting a kid is, undoubtedly, a serious decision that future parents must be prepared for. But for those who decide to adopt a kid with special needs, this step holds even more responsibility. The parents-to-be need to know so many nuances about bringing up special kids and open up their hearts and minds to help their children grow up surrounded by acceptance and happiness.

Here at Bright Side, we want to tell you a story of a super-devoted mom, Katerina, who adopted a girl with Down syndrome and made it her life goal to surround her little daughter with absolute beauty and love. We’d love for you to find out more about this inspiring family together with us.

1. Adopting a kid has been Katerina’s dream for a long time.

As a child, Katerina decided that her children would be adopted, as so many kids need a loving family. When she and her husband started the process of becoming foster parents, they did not yet know that they would adopt a child with special needs.

They wanted a small, healthy baby, just like those who are often shown in videos about adoption on TV. But later, they found out that there was a 5-year waiting list for such children to get adopted.

The future parents wanted to help those who needed it, who would not be taken by others, who would remain sitting within 4 walls and would never be desired as an adoptive kid. They didn’t have to think long about who to adopt. In the database of orphans, every second child had Down syndrome. And Lisa, their future daughter, was just the most unusual, looking like a little cartoon heroine.

2. The first meeting of the future parents with their daughter was full of emotions.

It was very strange for Katerina to go to meet someone else’s child. But at first glance, she realized that she was not a stranger. She was their daughter. It is often said that adoptive parents can “feel” their child immediately. The woman had butterflies in her stomach at the sight of Lisa.

And it was very hard for Katerina to go home without Lisa. She said that she cried all the way home. “It seemed to me that I was betraying her, leaving her alone in the orphanage. But we just had to complete all the paperwork before we all went home together. And as for Lisa, she still had to learn how to show her feelings. After all, children in orphanages do not even cry when they feel bad because no one will come,” says Katerina in her interview with Bright Side.

3. The mom started making costumes for Lisa and got the highest reward.

Lisa inspired her mom to start making her bewildering costumes. Katerina wanted to create a fairy tale around her daughter. And if in life this was not always possible, then in the photo, it definitely turned out to be a mesmerizing adventure.

Lisa, like most little girls, loves her new clothes. She can try on different outfits for half a day and spin in front of the mirror. And taking pictures for her is like a game. The parents never force Lisa to do what she doesn’t want to. If she’s not in the mood to pose, they just move everything to another day.

That being said, all the shoots serve as a fun trip to an interesting place in a beautiful outfit. And as everyone knows, positive emotions and new impressions have a very good effect on the development of children.

4. The mom has a lot of challenges, but she overcomes them like a pro.

Katerina says that Lisa is an ordinary, naughty child. So, she says, all that she needs is patience, patience, and more patience! The only thing that bothers her is the attitude of others toward children with special needs. The reaction of other people hasn’t always been positive, so, to change this, the mom created Lisa’s Instagram page. She wanted people to understand how wonderful special children are.

She wants to prove that it is impossible to divide people into ordinary and special. All people are wonderful. Everyone deserves to be treated well.

5. Katerina has a touching message for all parents.

Katerina says, “If you have a special kid, love them! You are the most important person to them. They will love you in a way that no one else can. There’s no need to regret or blame yourself. Your baby is wonderful! And you are not to blame for anything! You can do anything and everything. In the meantime, just enjoy each other’s company.”

For adoptive parents, Katerina also has a special message: “If you want to adopt a foster child, do not be afraid. Do not be afraid that you won’t be able to give or buy them something. You give them a family! And for children, this is the most important thing. Being with you will always be better for them than being alone in an orphanage.

What special things do you do to bond with your kids? What are your emotions about Katerina and Lisa’s story?


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