Mom, Who Was Trolled for Lasering Huge Birthmark on Her Baby’s Face, Unravels Her Reasons

Brooke Atkins and her partner had looked forward to their son’s birth. Soon afterward, they noticed a considerable “port wine” mark that could develop into something fatal on his face. The parents’ decision to treat it came with some backlash. So, the concerned mother recently shared all the reasons for opting to use a laser treatment on her son’s birthmark and defended her decision with a lot of courage.

Baby’s rare skin condition and its complications.

Brooke Atkins, a 34-year-old stay-at-home mother residing in the Gold Coast part of Queensland, Australia, gave birth to her son, Kingsley, over a year ago in 2022. She and her partner, Kewene Wallace, 28, were informed that their son had a rare condition.

Although port-wine stain birthmarks are generally benign, if they appear on the face, especially around the eye area, they may be associated with Sturge-Weber Syndrome and glaucoma. This can lead to seizures and other disabilities, as well as vision impairment that could result in blindness.

Unfortunately, Kingsley was diagnosed with both of these conditions, which is concerning for his well-being. Brooke, who also has a 2-year-old daughter named Amarni, explained that the issue with port-wine stains is that they are progressive and tend to become darker over time.

The mother decided to remove the birthmark using laser treatment.

Moreover, Brooke received criticism from trolls who called her a “monster” for opting to remove her baby’s facial birthmark. This condition can develop raised bumps, ridges, and the risk of vascular blebs, which can dangerously bleed, and once a port-wine stain reaches this stage, it becomes difficult to treat with laser, as the skin is already too damaged.

Accordingly, the concerned mother asserted that her decision was made in the best interest of her child, making early intervention critical for successful treatment.

She was severely criticized for her decision

Additionally, Brooke clarified that the purpose of the laser treatment was not to remove the birthmark but to maintain the skin’s health and prevent any further damage to the affected area. However, some netizens kept criticizing the mother for subjecting her son to the procedure. One user claimed that the birthmark was barely noticeable and that the treatment was more for the mother than the child. Another accused Brooke of making her son feel insecure from birth.

The mother expressed her disappointment with all these cruel comments, stating that they hurt her and her family, and she wished people understood her son’s condition before making judgments. “I’m trolled for lasering my baby’s face, but I know I’m right,” the mom insisted. “It’s not like I got up one day and decided, ’Hey, I’m going to get rid of his birthmark. I don’t think he’s cute.’ I think he is the most beautiful boy in the whole entire world. There is no doubt about that,” she went on explaining.

Fortunately, despite all the criticism on social media for her decision to give Kingsley the procedure, other people have come to her defense, arguing that she is his mother and knows what is best for him.

Still, a long way to go until recovery.

Furthermore, the mother expressed that her family’s journey has only just begun, and there is still a long way to go. Despite facing more than 20 hospital appointments, seeing 10 different specialists and doctors from 5 medical departments, and undergoing multiple tests and treatments, including 2 laser treatments and 2 operations, her son remains a happy, loving, and sweet child.

Brooke remains optimistic about her son’s future and is determined to support him through any challenges that may come their way.


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I'll bet that only the mother faced critism and nobody went after the father for the choice that was made! Also, it's a shame people are so quick to judge before obtaining all the facts.


I absolutely agree with you completely on this. He apparently has the other medical conditions that go along with it as well and I just hope that he does well with all of the procedures that he needs. I'm sure that his mother made the best decision for him with the medical information that she has available to her and I just wish them the best and hope he does well.


Dear Mom, I am a parent with a little one who was also born with a Port Wine Stain on the left side of the face, as you had explained, these birth marks change with time and development and they have to be maintained. You are doing the best for your child. Thank you for your patience in creating awareness and building the knowledge of those around you. You are amazing!


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