Morgan Freeman, 85, Left Fans Awestruck With How Young He Looks

10 months ago

Morgan Freeman is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. He is mainly known for his signature voice, calm demeanor, and unconditional love for his fans. Yet, if you meet him on the street and ask him for a selfie, you will find out he doesn’t like doing that. He finds his way of pleasing and surprising his fans, which extends beyond acting.

Morgan Freeman started his movie career late in life

Morgan Freeman didn’t become famous until he was quite a mature man. He received his big break in 1987 playing in Street Smart and had a few Oscar nominations since then, finally winning it in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby.

Yet one of the most well-known movies he played in is The Shawshank Redemption, released in 1994. It is still considered one of the best on-screen adaptations of Stephen King’s work, but not many know that the actor was already 56 years old when filming.

He left fans awestruck with his new 2023 look

This year Freeman left his fans surprised when he shared a picture of his new look on Instagram. The 85-year-old actor was seen with long gray dreadlocks. The caption said, “Would you buy tacos from this guy?”

The photos attracted hundreds of thousands of likes with lots of compliments. One of them said: “85 years old Legend & still lit ... greetings from Nigeria.” Another fan shared how cool Freeman looked with his dreads.

One guy wrote that “Morgan got his groove back” and got an immediate response saying he’d never lost it. Many others said they would buy a taco from him with pleasure and without a second thought. There were comments where he was called “the king of spicy Tacos.”

More sentimental folks wanted a taco, a picture, and a hug from this brilliant actor. But the most crucial comment came from a man who stated that he is as old as Freeman: “Also my bucket list to meet this man. I’m almost as old as him but don’t think l have the energy that he has. Great actor.”

He still takes care of his body and health no matter what

Freeman says that he’s taken care of his body for most of his working life. Though becoming famous, he found out he couldn’t even go to a nice hotel gym because people started to recognize him and take their cameras out whenever they saw him.

The actor is pretty surprised that nobody is without their camera today. He even saw some homeless guys taking their phones out and pointing them right at him. Yet he doesn’t like when fans take selfies with him. Of course, he makes some exceptions occasionally, but primarily for women.

He’s reached retirement age but will never quit acting cause it’s fun

At his age, many people become nostalgic, but not Freeman. “I want to live forever,” says the actor. “I’m just too curious to die. I’m not a nostalgic person. The past is the past, and I keep looking for tomorrow. I haven’t led one of those lives where you have nostalgia.”

Nor does he want to retire, especially when Hollywood and fans never let him do that. “Love your work and so many characters you’ve played! Keep up the good work!” said one of the fans. And Freeman is happy to continue his acting journey. Of course, he can afford to retire anytime. “But now I do it for the fun,” he says. And we wish him good health and luck in all the new projects to come!


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