Mother Is FURIOUS After Her Daughter’s Drawing Was Confiscated at School and Labelled “Inappropriate”

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5 months ago

A fuming Michigan mom has made a TikTok video and shared a story that many users found funny and alarming at the same time. The woman described how her 11-year-old daughter made a drawing of a pig, and it provoked a huge scandal out of nowhere. The innocent drawing was called “inappropriate” because of one detail that school management saw in it.

A call from school made the mom totally angry.

An extremely furious mum has slammed her 11-year-old daughter’s school after her drawing was confiscated. The school staff deemed it to be “inappropriate”.

Sierra Carter was fuming when she discovered that her child’s innocent picture of a pig in a bow-tie saying “hi” was taken from her. The drawing showed a pink Peppa Pig-like farmyard animal dressed smartly with its legs in the air.

But the Hanover-Horton Elementary School teacher said the pig’s bow tie depicted a forbidden element.

The scandal appeared out of nowhere.

The angry mom has since attended meetings with the teacher, a social worker, and the principal. But she claims that the matter has not yet been resolved, and says the picture is still being kept on her daughter’s record. In a candid video, which so far has more than 1, 000,000 views, Sierra spoke to the camera as she explained what has been happening.

She says, “I got a phone call from my daughter’s teacher — she is in fifth grade, she is 11 years old. Her teacher told me that my daughter had drawn something inappropriate in the art class, and that a little boy had come up to her and made her aware that he thought my daughter drew ‘boy parts’ on her pig project. She went over and asked my daughter for all of her papers. My daughter told her teacher straight away that she drew a bow tie.”

The woman angrily continues, “But the teacher proceeded to take all of her papers from her, and then she said she had to give my daughter’s project to the vice principal of the school.”

Both mom and daughter faced criticism for nothing.

Sierra was then called into a meeting, and she says, “I get there this morning, and they take me into a conference room, and I sit down with the teacher and the social worker for the school. They hand me her art project that was just “so offensive” and as soon as I look at it, I’m like, “Are you kidding me?”

The woman continues her epic story, saying, “I literally slammed my hand down on the table, and I said, “To be completely frank with you, I am furious. Why are we sitting here right now? And why was there a big deal made of this. It’s a bow tie.”

And then she described the reaction of the school staff, saying, “They tell me that when they gave it to the principal to ask him what his thoughts were on the whole thing, the first thing that he said was “write her up.”

Internet users don’t see anything “offensive” and “prohibited” in the drawing.

People were very active in the comments under the video, mostly supporting the mom and her daughter. One person wrote, “The social worker could have stopped this issue in seconds, shameful! The adults have their heads in the gutter.”

Another user added, “As an administrator, I am so sorry that you had to deal with this. When I saw the pic I thought, ‘you are kidding me’ keep sticking up for your kiddo!”

The third person commented, “You have GOT to be kidding me! That’s ridiculous! It’s clearly a bow tie and the teachers/principal/social worker should be ASHAMED!”

The “bow tie matter” went even further, and there’re even T-shirts with the innocent drawing in some online stores. People try to support mom and daughter and add some humorous note to the whole story, which was for sure so unpleasant for them.

And here’s yet another school drama story, this time a teacher is infuriated because she had to change her 6-year-old student’s diaper.

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It's very clear that A) the mother is not being honest, or doesn't know what a bowtie looks like, and B) The teacher, principal and social worker are overreacting. An 11 year old probrably knows what this represents, and thought it was funny. The correct response to a first offence is "Not funny, kid, and not appropriate. Redraw it without the "bow tie".


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