Elementary School Teacher Gets Furious After Having to Change 6-Year-Old Boy’s Diaper

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7 months ago

A woman named Samantha Brick is an elementary school teacher. One day, she was left absolutely mad after her workload was doubled, because some parents left her to change the diaper for their 6-year-old son. The woman was so frustrated that she has finally made a furious statement for busy moms and made many people burst with reactions.

Samantha felt shocked about the whole situation.

Samantha Brick works at a primary school, and recently she took to the Internet to share a case that became the last straw for her as a teacher and as a person. One day, a busy mom of one of her students forgot to drop off her kid’s spare set of clothes and a couple of diapers. The mom said she’d return very soon, and she needed one hour to be back. But 90 minutes passed and Samantha was still waiting for the boy’s mom, and there was still no sign of her.

Samantha was desperate, and she called the mom to ask where she was. What made the things worse, was that by that time the boy told his teacher that he’d wet himself. When the mom picked the phone and heard about the situation, her reaction was simply shocking for the teacher. Samantha recalls that the mom said, “I don’t have time! He’s at school, so it’s your problem now.”

Samantha finds such cases appalling and expresses her opinion.

Samantha honestly feels that such cases should be less widespread. She finds it inappropriate, when parents send their kids to school without first teaching them how to use the loo. But at the same time, she admits, that sadly, such kind of attitude isn’t a single parental case.

In fact, the teacher admits that this approach is now becoming the norm, most vividly among many affluent families. Samantha revealed that it has become so common that in her school, where she deals with pupils aged 4 to 6, they have a stash of spare clothes, underwear, nappies, wet baby wipes and lotions. Moreover, they have a fully equipped changing station, and it’s all supported out of the school budget.

Samantha says that almost all of the primary schools she has ever worked in, needed these things, because many kids who go to school, still aren’t toilet-trained.

The teacher says parents must be more responsible while sending their kids off to school.

When her pupil had wet himself and the mom has left it to the teacher to change his diaper and clean the mess, Samantha’s teaching assistant had to go to the nearest supermarket to buy diapers for the kid. The boy, in his turn, was particularly socially aware, and he was embarrassed that his teacher had to sort him out and change his dirty diaper. Samantha says, “I honestly wanted to shake his parents for not carving out the time necessary to achieve this vital milestone with him.” She says that teachers like her feel totally upset that parents are making them clean up their mess.

Samantha claims that she’s not even a mother herself, but it feels like she’s had more diaper-changing experience than some of the parents she has dealt with. She summons moms and dads to be more aware of their kids’ welfare and turns attention to the vital point of potty-training. She recalled a case when another mom had sent her 4-year-old to school without a good potty-training and just hoped for the best, and she believes such cases need a very deep attention.

And here’s a true life story of a couple, who potty-trained their kid at a very early age, and you’ll be surprised at the techniques they used for it.


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