12 People Shared the Creepiest Things That Ever Happened to Them

7 months ago

Inside each of us, we hold dear memories, closely guarded secrets, and entertaining anecdotes that will endure throughout our lives. Yet, among these moments, there might also be unsettling stories that linger in our minds indefinitely. Below, 12 people shared personal experiences so bone chilling that still frightens them to this day.

  • I heard my 1-year-old laughing in her crib. When I came to check on her, she stopped. This happened a few times. When my older kids 7 and 5 got home from school, they heard her laughing and said that the little girl was tickling their sister again. When I asked what little girl? They said, the one in the white nightgown that leaves when I come in the room. They also said she was really nice and must like babies, since she never tickled them. © Jessica Peel / Quora
  • I grew up in a big old house. One night my little brother and I slept in my sister’s room on her floor (kind of like a Friday night sleepover when we were kids) when we woke up the next morning the mirror from her bedroom wall had been taken off and was now between me and my brother. I woke up staring into my reflection. I still get the chills when I think about all the stuff myself, my friends, and my family saw there. Including the ghost of an old man that was seen 3 times in my bedroom, once by myself. © Chemical_Robot / Reddit
  • This happened last year. I was having a recurring dream where I was in the woods at night. I noticed a campfire in the distance. Whoever was sitting at the fire notices me and yells out, “Hey! What are you doing out here?” and starts moving towards me until I wake up. Late last summer, I decided to go out to the woods for a hike. Once I got out there, I needed to pee. I hopped off of the trail to get closer to the creek, so I could take care of business and not worry about anyone walking up on me.
    As I approached the creek, I see a hidden shelter and a man setting up a campfire. When he noticed me, he said, “Hey! What are you doing out here?” Nothing else happened. I apologized and went on my way. It was the only time in my life that I had dreams of an event before it happened. I was pretty shook at the time. © Imahorrible_person / Reddit
  • About 10 years ago. My wife and I were watching Paranormal Activity on TV. It was late at night. As soon as the final scene (terrifying) was over and the credits started rolling, we heard a large dog barking outside our front door. We lived in an isolated house in the country, had been in the house for years, and had never heard any dogs nearby. I ran upstairs and opened the door...no dog. Nothing. Dead quiet. © FNTM_309 / Reddit
  • One time my husband and I were lying in bed wide awake and the bottom drawer to his nightstand slammed shut. We both heard the drawer shut clear as day! My husband has a habit of keeping his lower drawer open, and we looked over, and it was closed. There was no logical explanation for why that happened, and we still don’t understand to this day. © mrsjay717 / Reddit
  • I was driving home per usual and got this random, unwavering feeling that my house had been broken into. I kind of laughed and said, “Please, don’t let my house have actually been broken into” out loud as I turned the corner onto my street. The first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the house were the blinds on my bedroom window. They were yanked around and twisted up.
    Some guy that lives across the street turned out to have been stalking me and decided to climb through my bedroom window. He took nothing valuable. Just some weird personal items. It was terrifying to walk in and see my things rummaged through. I swear I knew before It happened, and that was such an eerie feeling. © No_Sense_7384 / Reddit
  • I was over at my parents’ house and watering their plants when they were on vacation. I go to my car and put in the reverse and this old man walking on the pavement and I make eye contact. He smiles at me and I smile back.
    And then I am out on the way and putting in the forward and going to drive away, and I still look at this old man. But then when I look forward and start driving away, he is absolutely GONE. I look in all the mirrors and turn my neck, and he is nowhere to be seen. Just gone. © Remus88Romulus / Reddit
  • We lived in a very creepy, very old house when I was little. One day, my mom was cleaning my little brother’s room while we were at school, and every single one of his electronic toys turned on all at once. Two of them did not have batteries in them.
    She was so freaked out she had us “camp out” in the living room for three days cause she didn’t want my brother alone in his room. Up until we moved, that would occasionally happen. Either one or two toys at a time. © LameGhost / Reddit
  • I went to use the bathroom at work and when I entered, there was no one in there. The bathroom has 4 urinals and 4 stalls (one handicap), and I did not see any feet in any of the stalls. I took up my normal spot inside one stall and was doing my business, when I heard the sound of someone peeing into one of the urinals....but no one had entered the bathroom.
    The door is heavy and loud when it closes, so I would’ve heard someone entering. After a normal amount of time, the peeing stop, and I heard a few footsteps. But the door never opened. When I finished up, I did a cursory look and there was no one in the bathroom. © DualJ / Reddit
  • I was walking to a college class and felt as if I’d suddenly stepped outside of my body and was watching myself move around like a puppeteer. It lasted for about 10 minutes while I called a parent to ground myself to reality. Happened again the next week for a smaller amount of time. I’m guessing it was some kind of stress-induced disassociation episode, since it was midterms season and my first semester away from home. © I_Ace_English / Reddit
  • I was staying at my grandparents’ for the summer when I was fourteen. It was 11pm, and I was thirsty, went out to the kitchen and saw who I thought was my granddad sitting at the table eating a sandwich. I say hello grab a glass of water and head back to my room, my grandfather comes out of his room and asks who I was talking to. I turn around and no one was there, it freaked me out and still does to this day. © Lucanthethird / Reddit
  • When my daughter was 3 and starting to talk clearer was talking to someone and concerned I walked into the bedroom and no one was there. Initially I thought it was her playing with her toys. Days later the same scenario but this time I asked who she was talking to, and she replied “your grandma”.
    I thought she meant my mom who had recently passed, so I showed a pic of her and asked is this her? “No, your grandma” was the reply. I found a picture of my grandma and she with a big smile said “yes, her”. I was shocked since I don’t have pictures of my grandma displayed, and she died 1991 and my daughter born 2015. © DSDIK / Reddit

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