Mountain Bluebirds Lay Unusual Aquamarine Eggs, but the Bird Itself is the True Star of the Show (12 Pics)

2 years ago

Mountain Bluebirds won the jackpot with their appearance — they pack a lot of pigment in their small stature and mimic the color of the sky! This tiny beauty is truly captivating with the vibrant sky-blue color of its feathers and it even resembles the Twitter logo!

We at Bright Side are always on a mission to bring more beauty into your lives and this time, we have a special little birdie to help us.

These majestic birds have blue accompanying them even before hatching — their eggs look like aquamarine gems owing to their unusual coloring. They kind of remind us of Easter eggs! But of course no matter how lovely the Mountain Bluebird eggs look, nothing comes even close to the bird itself.

Mountain Bluebirds mostly inhabit the western area of North America and can be found in meadows or in places where the prairie meets the forest. If you want to witness one yourself, set up a nesting box because they’ll gladly make it their home. These petite cuties rarely reach over 8 inches in length, and most of them stand at about 6 to 8 inches and weigh approximately 1 oz.

There’s a visible difference in the male and female species of the Mountain Bluebird. It’s the males that boast vibrant sky-blue and white colors, while females are mostly gray-brown and have small specks of blue on their wings. The handsome fellas also take good care of their ladies. Whenever the female is brooding, the male will bring over food and feed their mate. How cute is that?

Fun fact: Idaho and Nevada declared Mountain Bluebirds as their state bird. What an excellent choice!

Do you have any photos of other magnificent birds? Share more beauties in the comments!

Preview photo credit East News, Darren Kirby / flickr


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