My Baby’s Rich Grandparents Promise Inheritance to Him, but With a Condition I Just Can’t Approve Of

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It can be very painful to find out that one of your parents doesn’t want to know you and take care of you. But other people from the family can step up and want to keep a relationship with you. However, when it goes about money and inheritance, it all may make things horrible for some people. One mom, has recently turned to a community on Reddit to ask for advice on her very delicate situation.

A woman took to Reddit to share her complicated story.

A woman, 24, has recently come to one of the Reddit communities to share a story that provoked many reactions and thoughts among users. She started her story, saying that she got pregnant while she was taking a gap year traveling.

She shared, “I met an older guy, nothing gross, I was 19 he was 23. We had fun. I was working in a bar to make money while I explored his city.”

However, a seemingly romantic story quickly turned into a harsh reality. The woman shared, “When I got pregnant he lost interest really quickly. I understood but I am pro-choice. And I chose not to terminate.”

The relationship with potential in-laws was warm and cordial.

The further story was developing for a single mom in not very positive way. She wrote, “I went home and had my son. I also made sure to get child support. He could afford it. He did fight it though. I had to prove paternity and everything.”

The woman’s partner mistreated her, but his parents seemed to be really nice people.

She revealed, “Through that, his parents found out. They are well off. They have met my son, and they truly do seem to love him. They have provided gifts for his birthday and Christmas. They helped me with extra money, so I could complete my university without going into debt. They have taken us on vacation with them so they could spend time with him. They aren’t my biggest fans, but we are cordial to each other.”

An accident, that happened to a baby’s dad, has become a start of a family dilemma.

The woman wrote that a deadly accident happened to her son’s dad. And this was exactly when a big problem for her started existing.

She wrote, “Three months ago, my son’s father passed away. He had an accident at his bachelor party, tripped on the sidewalk, and hit his head. And that was all I knew.” The OP treated the loss of her ex with proper respect and even met his parents. She said, “My son and I attended the funeral. We spent a week in that city, so his grandparents could see him.”

But then, her potential in-laws and the grandparents of her son suddenly made a stir in her life. The woman goes on with the details, saying, “They approached me with an offer. They had no other children or grandchildren. Their son was only 28 so he had lots of time to provide them legitimate kids (they did not say this, I’m just assuming) so they never thought about my son’s name.”

The grandparents offered her a kind of deal. She revealed, “They said that if I changed his surname to theirs legally, they would make him their primary heir. I think this is dumb. He is their only grandchild, and they would deny him an inheritance because of his last name?”

The woman is full of doubts at the moment. She wrote, “I said I would consider it, to be polite, and have left it at that. I actually have a pretty good life as it is. My family has been very supportive. And because of the whole court thing, my son’s father had to have life insurance with him as the beneficiary. Would it be nice for my kid to get a big sum of money. Yes. Do I want him to have the surname of a man who didn’t want him, see him, or love him? No.”

A lot of Redditors shared their points of view in the comments.

People in the comments were both supportive and critical towards woman’s choice. One person wrote, “You’re kinda screwing your kid by not changing the name. That money is your child’s future and guess what they’ll probably want it. If they find out that could also wreck your relationship.”

Another person commented, “Yes, I completely understand not wanting him to have the name of a man who did not want him, but being practical, that’s a lot of money and if that’s all they want, I would make the sacrifice for my son’s sake. He shouldn’t be punished for his dad being a bad guy.”

Another user added, “That’s lovely in theory but being a single parent without the same name as your kid puts up a lot of hurdles. Grandparents haven’t thought this through, it’s not just a piece of paper.”

And here’s yet another life dilemma from a woman, whose partner ultimately wanted a paternity test done on their kid, and the woman made a tough decision about their relationship.


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