“My Dream Was to Raise My Kids With Their Father but I’m Not Going to Have That,” Says Shakira

2 months ago

In a candid interview, Shakira, the renowned Colombian artist, shared her heartfelt thoughts about the current phase of her life.

Shakira’s life motto seems to be “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This resumes her resilience and ability to turn personal challenges into chart-topping music, like her recent high-profile separation from soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Everything she touches turns to gold; her latest release, El Jefe, is yet another testament to her success. Despite the pain stemming from her breakup, Shakira is thriving and cherishing this creative boom.

In a recent interview, Shakira expressed her once-cherished dream of raising her children in a loving family. However, she now realizes that this dream may never come true. “My biggest dream, more than collecting platinum albums and Grammys, was to raise my sons with their father. Overcome obstacles and grow old together. I know I’m not getting that now,” she says.

Family always took precedence in her life, leading her to pause her career for several years. She held onto the belief in “till death do us part.”

Her years in Barcelona were challenging, especially for her children Milan and Sasha, who struggled with the burden of being “children of.” Thus, she decided to make a radical change for the well-being of her family and found the peace, stability, and happiness she sought in Miami. Her transformation over these months is undeniable.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Shakira is experiencing a renaissance in all aspects of her life. She radiates happiness and positivity, having navigated stages of denial, anger, pain, and frustration following her family’s dissolution. Although nothing can fully compensate for this pain, her children serve as her greatest motivation to move forward.

In her daily life in Miami, Shakira relishes being a present mother. She enjoys sharing meals, attending extracurricular activities, and putting her children to bed. However, she also acknowledges the need to balance motherhood with her career, which can be challenging as a single mother and pop star. Nevertheless, she is gradually finding her rhythm and plans to embark on a world tour, confident that it will be the tour of a lifetime for her.

In summary, Shakira’s resilience, transformation, and unwavering dedication to her family and music are the defining elements of this chapter in her life.


I'm so happy to see her gain strength and happiness in the face of the adversity that was dealt to her. The happiness of her and her children should be her priority and I wish her continued success in all that she does.

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