My Girlfriend Wants Me to Sacrifice My House to Live With Her and Her 10 Pets

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Recent research reveals that 64% of couples acknowledge having differing financial views from their partners, including varied approaches to spending, saving, and investing their money. One Redditor shared a similar situation where he and his GF argued about their different financial approaches towards renting.

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I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about three years now. Throughout our relationship, we’ve maintained separate living arrangements but have spent a lot of time together. Her lease on her 1800-square-foot house is ending soon, and we’re exploring the idea of moving in together. Her household includes nine cats, a dog, and her daughter, while I have a dog. I own a house that I purchased 3.5 years ago, which is slightly smaller than her place, by about 400 square feet.

Despite having a home of my own, my girlfriend is insisting that I move into the house she is currently renting. I understand her concerns about needing enough space for her animals and her daughter, but I believe my 1300-square-foot house is adequately sized. Financially, moving into her rental seems like a poor decision, especially considering the interest rate on my mortgage and the potential increase in my home’s value. Additionally, her rent is higher than my mortgage payments.

However, she is strongly against the idea of moving into my house and feels that my financial arguments against renting are unreasonable. I’ve tried to discuss this without being confrontational or dismissive of her needs, but she views my reluctance to move into her rental as a lack of willingness to make sacrifices for our relationship. This makes me wonder if I’m being unreasonable.

A major concern of hers is the space in my house might not be sufficient for her animals. From my perspective, acquiring a larger space is financially burdensome. It’s essential to find a way to make the current space work, as purchasing a bigger house isn’t feasible for our budget, and renting doesn’t make financial sense given that I already own a property.

Redditors are on the common ground supporting the man.

  • Even aside from the hard fact that it is not financially beneficial for you to start renting again, no means no. She is terrible for not respecting your decisions about your daily life, which you are fully entitled to make for ANY reason. Sebscreen / Reddit
  • A partner that expects you to “sacrifice” for them instead of compromise is a gigantic red flag. Plus, this is objectively a bad financial decision on every level. You wouldn’t just be “sacrificing” your home, you’re nuking the main opportunity to build generational wealth in America. You’re giving up a huge opportunity to give something to any future human children you may have, so the animals who will not care about a slightly smaller home can have a few extra square feet. SelectCase / Reddit
  • That’s financially irresponsible on her part. Toss away equity to pay MORE money for 400 square feet? And 9 cats and 2 dogs in one space? Does your dog even get along with her pets? You’re in the right here. Financial incompatibility is the #1 reason couples split up, you know. FuzzyMom2005 / Reddit

People say his financial decision is the right one here.

  • So she needs a lot of space, mostly for her animals, which she can’t afford on her own. So she’d like you to move in and help her pay rent for her larger house, despite you owning something that would be far more affordable and suitable — if she didn’t have nine cats. The issue isn’t you, the issue is she has nine cats and can’t afford the space she needs for nine cats. I love cats too, but not beyond my ability to afford space for them. And I certainly wouldn’t expect someone else to help fund that. calling_water / Reddit
  • Selling property is a bad idea right now if it can be avoided. If she can’t understand financially why it’s a bad idea, I’d seriously question her judgment in general. the-hound-abides / Reddit
  • You’re right. It would be financially irresponsible to give up your house with a good mortgage rate. If she doesn’t like it, she can find another place to live. By the way, I would NEVER let somebody with NINE PETS move in with me. Regular_Boot_3540 / Reddit

Financial matters can often be a source of contention in family dynamics, with women frequently being the most affected. One Bright Side reader shared her own story: despite being in a happy marriage, she is hesitant to share ownership of her house with her husband.

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