My Husband Faked a Serious Illness, I Found Out the Reason Why He Did It and I’m Numb With Shock

3 weeks ago

The heroine of our today's article experienced one of the most painful situations in her family. Her husband was diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness. When she found out about this, her life changed in a snap of a finger, but her shock was so deep when she discovered that her beloved spouse lied to her about his terrible diagnosis. Now, the woman knows the reason why he did this, and she can't keep silent about her outrageous family issue. She wanted to speak up about it, and she wrote us an emotional letter where she asked us for a piece of advice.

Samantha told us about her family situation in her emotional letter.

Samantha, 37, is our devoted reader, but the woman confessed that she had never even thought that she would soon have a reason to share her terrible story on our pages. The woman revealed that throughout her whole marriage, she never suspected that her husband had two faces, one of which was what she fell in love with, and the other one turned out to be ugly and disgusting.

Samantha opened her letter, saying, "Hi, Bright Side! I feel like I need advice from other people more than anything in my life now. I can't tell my story to anyone from my family, because I'm afraid of judgment, and I believe they won't believe me, because of the cruel absurdity of my husband's recent act."

The woman shared, "My husband, Lars, and I have been married for over 12 years now. Lars has always been the most reasonable, the most hard-working, and the most loving husband and dad on Earth. Our family life was so well-organized, each of us had a role and it was perfect for everyone to know that we could account for each other regarding our responsibilities.

Lars is the only breadwinner in the family. He works full-time and often stays late hours at work, which has become a kind of norm in our family because we've been saving to buy our own house soon. And it's obvious that he had to work more to provide for the family and enable us to save more."

One day, the life of the family changed drastically.

Samantha shared, "I am a stay-at-home mom and I'm busy with our 3 kids, also full-time, as you may understand. Lars adores the kids and loves spending time with them whenever he has some free time. But when I say "spend time with kids", I mean this. He doesn't like to take care of them, feed them, or get bothered with their problems and health issues. He has always believed that it's only my responsibility and all he does is communicate with the kids and go out with them from time to time.

I've never objected to this model of dealing with kids, but I did get angry when Lars preferred to spend his weekends alone rather than helping me with the kids and the chores. He always insisted that he earns money and the rest of his responsibilities are mine. This started to seem unfair, but I never raised this issue seriously, because I didn't want to disturb him. I knew how tired he was at work, and I preferred to ignore my exhaustion in favor of Lars's stability."

Samantha shared, "5 months ago, Lars suddenly started complaining that he was feeling bad. This lasted for a month and I got really worried. I insisted on him undergoing a full medical checkup, to which I thought he would not easily agree because I knew he hated doctors."

The woman noticed a red flag in her husband's behavior very soon.

Samantha shared, "The first red flag appeared when my husband suddenly became very happy about my suggestion for him to see the doctor. Like, he was genuinely glad about this checkup and he agreed so easily this time that this was a small shock for me.

Later on, he went to the hospital for this checkup and when he finally had all the medical papers collected, he said that we needed to talk seriously. I was worried and asked him what happened, and he said he wouldn't discuss this in the presence of our kids. So, when we finally were left alone, he announced with a sad expression on his face that he had been diagnosed with cancer and showed me the paper that stated this diagnosis. There were many other medical papers, but I didn't pay attention to them all. I believed him. I was shocked, mortified and sad. I didn't know where to run, where to seek help from and my only thought was that I had to do everything to save him."

The woman wrote, "Since then, Lars changed his way of life completely. He took a long vacation from work and stayed at home, in a separate room. He left the room only to have something to eat and to go to the bathroom. Later, he started going outside, but he never allowed me or the kids to join him, saying that he needed to think about his life. I took care of the kids on my own, like usual, and also about my husband, who demanded all my attention now, and I eagerly did everything for him and didn't ask any questions."

The truth was revealed unexpectedly and it was a bombshell.

Samantha wrote, "One day, Lars was talking to someone over the phone. I was passing his room when I heard the piece of his conversation. He was talking to his mother, and he was saying that she shouldn't worry about him, that he has enough rest now, but he said that the price for the rest he now has is the lies he has to tell me. He said he was feeling guilty for that and that he must tell me something.

I entered his room after I heard it and confronted him about what he had been saying. He went pale and then confessed to me that his diagnosis was fake. Like, fake. he had no cancer. he was healthy. But he lied to me about it because he was tired of all his responsibilities and he didn't feel my love and care. He said I treated him like an ATM and nothing more. And he didn't want to be married with kids anymore. He said he was tired of being a husband and a dad and he wanted to be free from all his responsibilities.

What shocked me the most was the fact that he was a coward. He couldn't say it all to my face from the very start, he ignored my tiredness and my needs, and he thought only of himself. And he lied, he made me feel guilty and obliged. I had been even more exhausted than usual because I had to take care of him, a healthy guy pretending to be terminally ill, and our 3 kids."

Samantha wrote, "Now Lars suggests that we don't divorce, he begged me to start a family therapy. But I don't know if I still want this marriage. What would you do?"

And here's yet another shocking confession from a woman, who found a tampon in her husband's belongings. The thing didn't belong to her, and she suspected that her spouse was cheating on her. But her shock was even deeper when she investigated the origin of the tampon and found out a creepy truth about her beloved husband.

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