“My Number One Priority is My Daughters,” Dwane Johnson Reflects on His Influence on His Three Girls

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8 months ago

Dwayne Johnson, affectionately recognized as “The Rock,” is more than just a famous actor and a successful pro wrestler. He is also a dedicated and affectionate father. His sincere Instagram updates and open discussions about parenthood underscore the significance of his role as a father, which he holds dear as one of life’s most treasured responsibilities.

He is a father to 3 daughters.

Dwayne Johnson has three children: Tiana Gia, aged 4, and Jasmine, aged 7, with his spouse, the singer and songwriter Lauren Hashian. Additionally, he is the father of Simone Alexandra, aged 21, from his previous marriage to Dany Garcia.

He used to be an absent parent.

During his ascent to stardom, Johnson found himself overwhelmed by his career obligations. He candidly confessed, “I was absent for a lot of years when my first daughter was growing up in this critical age at this critical time in her life,”

He now feels deeply remorseful for the moments he missed and cannot recover. Determining to rectify his past, he declared, “I made a promise that I would never do business in anything again that took me away from my family.”

He wants to be a better dad than his father.

Dwayne Johnson aspires to nurture a more supportive connection with his children than he had with his own father. While he acknowledges his father’s love, their relationship is intricate and demanding. In his approach to raising his daughters, he strongly emphasizes being there, giving his full attention, and actively engaging in their development.

This entails personally escorting them to school and driving them to soccer practice, exemplifying his commitment to being a highly involved parent.

He sets a new standard for being a strong, loving, and nurturing father.

While Johnson has long been associated with immense strength and a rugged image, his more tender side might catch some off guard.

The Rock possesses a secure sense of masculinity and expresses it in unconventional ways. He willingly engages in activities like manicures, tea parties, and dress-up with his youngest daughters, dispelling that being an affectionate and engaged father contradicts conventional notions of masculinity.

His daughters have taught him to be more tender and gentle.

Nurturing young girls has unquestionably left a significant imprint on him, fostering greater empathy and heightened sensitivity to the concerns of others. He counsels fellow fathers of daughters to “just be there,” underscoring how raising daughters has taught him the value of being “more tender and gentle.”

Being a dad is his number one priority.

He serves as a role model for fellow fathers, emphasizing the importance of dedicating themselves to their paternal responsibilities. In one of his captions, he expressed, “I know a lot of you men out there understand me when I say, of all the roles us men play in our daily hustle and grind of life, my favorite one of all is ’dad.’” Or, as he also stated, “My number one priority is my daughters.”

Parenthood is a challenging task, but it can bring great joy. Would you like to read more stories about parenting? Then you should read our previous article!

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