My Sister Wants to Marry a Much Older Man and She Stopped Talking to Me Because of How I Reacted

8 months ago

Love knows no age, but sometimes things get complicated. When a loved one makes a life-changing decision, it can stir up a lot of emotions. We tell the story of two sisters whose bond was put to the test when one of them decided to marry a much older man. What began as a heartfelt revelation ended with harsh words and ghosting.

One of our readers turned to us for help.

Thank you for sharing your experience and placing your trust in us to help with your problem. We’ve found some possible solutions and tips for you to consider in this situation.

Apologize to her and explain your feelings.

Apologize to your sister and admit that your reaction was out of line. Make sure you don’t apologize too much though, as it might seem like the situation is okay when it’s not. Let your sister know that it’s important to avoid relationships where she feels pressured or uncomfortable.

Avoid making harsh comments about their relationship and have a calm and honest conversation with her. You might want to send her a text explaining that you reacted this way because you’re concerned about the mistake she might be making.

Let her know you love her unconditionally.

It’s important to show your sister love and support. Let her know that you love her whatever the circumstances are and will be there for her, regardless of the choices she makes. Assure her that you won’t judge her.

A 40-year-old can have a significant influence over an 18-year-old, so it’s important to give your sister unconditional love and offer gentle, but firm guidance when she needs it. Your actions should bring her closer to you, not push her away.

Share your concerns with her.

Honesty is key in this situation. Remind her that he might be using her and that she still has her whole life ahead. Tell her not to rush into big life decisions, especially having children. Make her think about how the age gap can affect their relationship — mention retirement, energy levels, and compatibility.

After this conversation, accept her choice, even if it’s not what you’d prefer. People often learn better through their own experiences and mistakes. In the end, her decisions are hers to make.

Be ready to support her.

Keep your sister close to you in case there’s potential mistreat. Be the support she needs when she realizes the issues in the relationship. Visit her regularly, be polite to her partner, and discuss options like birth control.

You’re right to be cautious, and we understand that it might be difficult for you to watch her make a mistake. That’s why she needs to know that you’ll be there for her if the relationship becomes controlling or humiliating, or if she decides to end it.

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