On Sale: These 8 Funny Finds Will Not Fail to Make You Laugh

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Fun fact about laughter: even forced smile can increase your level of happiness. Dopamine and serotonin are released anyway, so “fake it till you make it” applies here. With that going on, the level of stress is reduced, and your immunity is also boosted. That sounds like great news!

And just in case you needed an excuse to have a nice laugh today, here are some hilarious products that might be able to help you with that.

1. Have this cactus serenade you! It also will record anything you say or hum and do a little dance.

This product is a great gift for a child or an adult. It is made with high-quality materials and is soft-touch. It doesn’t have any detachable or pointy parts and is completely safe. The volume is regulated. The dimensions are 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 33 cm (4.5″ x 4.5″ x 13″).

Promising review:

My sister enjoys playing with it a lot. Great selection of songs, including children’s songs that my sister simply loves. Very soft material and a hilarious way of repeating what you say. My sister won’t leave this product — they are now best friends. — Vladimir Tirsina

2. This inflatable T-Rex costume is a real head-turner! Take a nice, breezy walk with it on and see for yourself.

You will have so much fun trying to run, walk, ride a bicycle, and dance while wearing this. Comes in different colors. The size is 150 cm (59.05"-78.74″).

Promising review:

The costume is excellent quality. Really easy to use, inflates quickly, and retains its shape. We’ve only used it with batteries so far, but plan on using a USB power pack tonight as it recommends saving on batteries.
Fits my son, who is 5′ 5″, but due to the size of the viewing panel, it would fit someone taller or slightly shorter. Comes with mitts and shoe covers. I would highly recommend it! — sparkles76

3. Try this costume on and imagine what it’s like to be a banana. Great for goofing around, a party, or just a lazy Saturday night.

This costume is made of 100% polyester. Hand wash only. High-quality product and comes in branded packaging.

Promising review:

Brilliant costume for a good laugh — my friend and I used them for our last day of sixth form, and they certainly got us some good reactions! — Ellie

4. Say “no” to a diet with this giant tortilla-looking blanket. May you or your pet take a cozy nap as a happy burrito.

This fleece blanket is lightweight and ultra-soft. Comes in different sizes. It works perfectly as a decoration yet is extremely practical. It is easy to clean: machine-wash on the gentle cycle with cold water.

Promising review:

Got this as a Christmas present for my partner, as he loves Mexican food and loves tortillas! Extremely soft. I use it when I stay over at his place! Great buy. — brooke plummer

5. Have a laugh with these flying turkeys that can stick to ceilings and walls. Redecorate any space to your liking!

This funny item is ideal for a party bag, stocking stuffer, or novelty gift. The size is 11 cm (4.3″). Warning: not suitable for ages 0–3.

Promising review:

I got one of these and loved it so much that I ended up getting 4 in total for different family members. So much fun at such a good price. — Tracy vincent

6. Don’t have a date for Saturday night? Not a problem. Spend some quality time with this quirky product that will entertain you for quite a while.

You can grow yourself a friend! Just add water. It expands to 6 times its original size of 5.08 cm (2″). It grows to approximately 30.5 cm (12“). It begins to grow in 2 hours and reaches full size in 72 hours.

Promising review:

I’m quoting the person who received the gift: “At least 50% more entertaining than all my previous Tinder dates. Thanks!” She has also decided to plant it, so she can watch it grow. — Chloé Mar

7. If you don’t wanna go for a full-body costume, settle for this gorgeous banana hat!

This one-size-fits-most hat is perfect for a costume party or just a fun night out. The product’s dimensions are 36.91 cm x 19.3 cm x 4.7 cm (14.5″ x 7.6″ x 1.9″).

Promising review:

Just what I wanted. Good quality. The item is a good size and material. Holds its shape. Fast delivery too. — Anonymous

8. No words are needed to describe these handy accessories. At some point, you may have wished for an extra pair of hands — well, now you’ve got it!

These funny finger puppets are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They’re made of vinyl and are not easily deformed. You will get 5 pieces for each hand (10 in total).

Promising review:

Best money I have spent in a while. We are having fun with these, and my friends are laughing so much at the photos. You will not regret this purchase! — Carolyn L.

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