Parents Left in Shock After Their Son Who’s Been “Dead” for 6 Months Calls Them One Day

8 months ago

A man named Callum has recently experienced something that might be a good scenario for a movie. But his story is a real life happening, and it even has an unexpected plot twist. His poor parents thought he was dead for 6 months, when things suddenly took a quite unexpected turn both for them and for Callum. And this story can be really called an epitome of a happy end, but with one small detail that makes it even more crazy.

The man’s story is absolutely wild.

A man named Callum has revealed an absolutely crazy story that happened to him because of an innocent family feud. His siblings told his mom and dad he had passed away just to get a score in a joking argument.

His poor parents thought Callum was six feet under for 6 months due to his sisters’ outrageous prank. Callum contacted New Zealand’s ZM Radio show and told to the wide audience how his parents believed he had risen from the dead when he finally called them. The man’s absolutely unbelievable story gained a massive commenting and many people had so many mixed feelings after hearing it.

Callum made people’s jaws drop with the story details.

Callum spoke to the radio show hosts Carl Fletcher, Vaughan Smith and Megan Papas. They absolutely had their jaws on the floor after the man told his twisted tale. The man took over other callers with his absolute story when he called right at the moment when listeners were asked if they had ever experienced a case when they were presumed dead.

Callum began his story with a confirmation that he has once been considered dead. He then went on sharing the details, and the audience found out that the man’s sisters were in a bit of a tiff with his parents at the time, and they weren’t really getting along. He was living in Wellington while they were in Christchurch. Callum’s older sister actually called his parents up and told them that he had died.

Although Callum’s first sentences of the story were enough to stun the people, the story only went on to get even more astonishing.

The seemingly innocent prank went too far.

Callum continued that his vengeful siblings told his mom and dad that he was dead and buried. They also insisted that Callum’s ex-girlfriend’s parents didn’t want his parents at his funeral.

Wishing to dig even more into the dramatic details, the hosts then asked why Callum had not even called his parents for half a year. The man explained he was just busy with life and work and only one day it suddenly came to his mind that he actually hadn’t been in touch with them for a long time already. And he decided to call them immediately.

His mom was absolutely in tears, and she started asking if it was really him and if he was alive. Callum’s dad was just kind of gobsmacked, and he was just like “What is going on?” The listeners in the studio burst into laughter as the man described the phone call.

People had a lot of questions about the whole story, and the answers were mind-boggling.

The hosts then asked the man on why actually his parents just normally accepted the news of his death without even questioning it. The man then explained that his parents were running around calling their other family members in order to check if they had heard anything. Then they didn’t really know anything to go off so his mom and dad just kind of presumed that their son had died.

What makes the story even more intricate is that the man was reported to his parents not dead in an accident by his own hand. This was for sure the wildest phone call they’ve ever had.

Callum then revealed that his parents were “over the moon” to find out he was in fact alive. The man told that he rushed back to their home to see them that weekend to reassure them it was really him. Needless to say, his mom and dad don’t talk to his sisters anymore.

And here’s yet another unbelievable story about a woman who was considered dead for 31 years but finally was found alive.


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