Parents Share Pics of Babies Born With Full Heads of Hair, and the Internet Is Going Crazy Over Them

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4 years ago

If you ever wondered why your baby has so much hair in comparison to other newborn babies or vice versa, there is a very logical explanation. That soft set of hair on your baby is called lanugo and it is produced in the womb during the second trimester in order to keep your little human warm, once your baby is born it starts to fall out and get replaced with vellus hair. In any case, babies born with a full set of lanugo hair are undeniably cute, since most of them look like they treated themselves to a visit to the most luxurious hair salon.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered some of the most adorable photos shared by internet users whose babies look like real TV news anchors.

1. “Everyone thought that my 2-month-old baby was wearing a wig.”

2. “This little girl’s hair and cuteness made her an internet sensation.”

3. “My baby cousin has hair that looks like it belongs on a news anchorman.”

4. “My baby just woke up.”

5. “My daughter was born yesterday! She has her mother’s hair...”

6. “My baby at 2 months old”

7. This cute little boy with a full head of red hair

8. This cute little one born with Conan O’Brien hair

9. “Look at my daughter’s hair, she is only 12 weeks old.”

10. “My son’s hair is out of control for a 4-month-old.”

11. “As a bald man, I’m very proud of my 2-month-old daughter’s hair.”

12. “I was born with a magnificently unique head of hair.”

13. A 3-month-old baby who has hair as beautiful as her eyes.

14. “I’m just a few months old and I have the longest and straightest hair.”

15. “I was told that her hair would fall out when she gets older, and, at 4 months old, it’s growing in even thicker.”

16. “My daughter heard Reddit likes babies with lots of hair.”

17. “My 3-month-old cousin’s hair”

18. “My baby at birth with a full head dark of hair”

19. “My 10-month-old baby with her normal crazy hair”

20. “A buddy of mine had his first daughter this past year and no that is not a wig.”

21. This little cutie sitting comfortably on the couch

Which of these babies did you like the most? Was your head full of hair when you were born? Do you know any more babies we should include on this list? Please let us know in the comments below!


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