“People Constantly Mistake Me for My Teenage Daughter’s Sister,” a 40-Year-Old Mom Reveals the Secret of Her Youth

8 months ago

As time passes, it is common for everyone to develop noticeable wrinkles on their face. It is a natural occurrence for our facial features to gradually lose some of their youthful plumpness. However, our genes largely control when these changes occur. Carly is a living example of this.

She is the female Benjamin Button.

This 40-year-old mom from Stockport, Manchester, often gets mistaken for her teenage daughter’s sister. Carly Johnson says her friends call her the female Benjamin Button because whenever she’s out with her 17-year-old daughter, Kia Douglas, people get confused and think they are sisters or friends.

They take other people’s comments as compliments.

Carly sees the confusion as a nice thing, but she feels uncomfortable when men inquire about her attractive friend. Who in fact is her daughter.

Younger guys always try to get her.

Carly, who has been single for two years, tends to attract younger men, something she enjoys due to her youthful personality and love for partying. However, she wants to make it clear that she is not interested in pursuing relationships with significantly younger individuals.

tweet Carly posted to wish Kia a happy birthday gained tremendous attention, receiving over two million views from puzzled users. Carly explained that people often mistake her and Kia for sisters, which is a common occurrence wherever they go. She takes it as a compliment.

During Kia’s 17th birthday celebration, Carly approached a waiter and asked if he could take a photo of them when her daughter returned from the restroom. The waiter was confused and thought they were two friends out for dinner.

The secret to her youthful looks.

She firmly believes that her youthful appearance is due to her genes. She recalls how hospital staff used to comment on her grandmother, Betty Prendergast, looking like she was in her 70s despite being in her 90s.

Carly shares, “People call me Benjamin Button and that I age backwards. I’ve always looked young for my age. When I was 21 I probably looked like 16.”

Three generations.

Her mother, who is currently 68 years old, also maintains a youthful look. Her grandmother, who lived well into her 90s, displayed remarkable health and vitality.

Take a look at your graduation album and the pictures of your parents when they were in high school. Have you noticed that they appear mature and serious for their age, while you still look youthful and energetic? There are several sensible reasons for this, and it’s a fact that people seem to appear younger as time goes by.


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