People Have Memory Lapses After Visiting This Forest

7 months ago

You’ve just moved to the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca to make a startup, but you still have no idea what kind of horror will happen to you. In this city, you meet new people, and they tell you the story of the mysterious Hoia Baciu forest, located to the west of the city. They say it’s the country’s scariest place and locals call it the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. After the meeting, you decide to check out this place.

You drive to the edge of the forest. You go into the thicket and hear the singing of birds, and the chirping of crickets. Somewhere in the distance, branches crackle, and some animal howls. Some trees look ominous. Their branches look like many crooked arms. It seems to you that someone is watching you.

You take a few more steps and find yourself in a small clearing. This is a perfect circle with grass, but no trees are growing here for some reason. You hear a loan from above. You look up and see a bright light between the trees. It gets brighter and brighter, and you lose consciousness.

You’re walking through the forest. It’s already dark. You’re cold, but fortunately, you can see the road ahead and your car. You come home, open the door and look at the wall clock. This is strange. It’s 10 pm now. You drove to the forest at 5 pm, then took a little walk in the woods. Where did a few hours go?

Then you notice something weird. There are strange red spots on your left hand. Are these burns or some rash? You go to the mirror and see that there is still a strange rash on your legs, arms, and neck. You tell your new friends about it, but they don’t look surprised. They say that most legends about this forest are associated with time travel and memory lapses.

Some say that they don’t remember how they spent several hours in the forest and what they did there. Others talk about a strange rash on their hands. There are legends that the ghosts of lost people wander there, and some flying objects often visit this place.

Someone said they had heard an ominous whisper in the forest and seen flying heads without bodies. The most famous legend says about a 5-year-old girl who disappeared in the forest. Rescuers and locals searched for her in the woods for several weeks but found nothing.

Then, a few years later, the girl came out of the forest alive and well. But the strangest thing is that she hadn’t aged at all. She remained the same 5-year-old girl. After that, people began to think there was a time portal in the forest. If someone gets there, they will find themselves in the future. It can be several hours or several years.

Another myth is about a biologist who photographed the local fauna in the forest. He was taking photos of flowers and trees and caught on camera a strange object that flew in the sky. After that, people were sure that beings of extraterrestrial civilizations visited the forest. In the 15th century, a woman also disappeared there.

But 500 years later, she came out of the forest completely healthy. Of course, it’s unlikely that she was that woman, but a coin dated to the 1600s was found in her pocket. All these stories, as well as reports about phantoms, are rumors and myths. No one has yet been able to prove that the forest is really the center of paranormal activity.

But if you decide to visit this place, ask local farmers who live near the forest to share some stories with you. Perhaps they will tell you something more creepy and truthful. But this forest is really scary. You may feel anxious and inexplicable panic. There are many videos on the Internet where tourists and travelers visited this forest and talked about unpleasant excitement and strange sounds. Also, you can see something strange in the woods at any moment with your own eyes.

This is a round clearing where, for some reason, trees don’t grow. There is grass and plants here. The soil here is the same as in the rest of the forest. Scientists took an analysis of the ground to check this. It’s still unknown why there are no trees. Some trees in the forest have a strange curved shape. It’s unclear what made them grow this way, but they look creepy.

You can take a walk in the forest and check how true the legends about it are. But don’t be afraid, you won’t be alone. The Hoia Baciu forest is one of Romania’s most popular tourist destinations. Every year thousands of fans of mystical riddles come here to test their nerves.

But even if you don’t find anything mystical in the forest, you will definitely enjoy the city. Externally, it is a beautiful city with cozy European architecture. But go inside the buildings, and you’ll see modern, stylish bars and cafes. This place also attracts many IT specialists.

You’ve probably heard of forests where some guy decorated all the trees with sinister dolls. But all this will seem like fun toys compared to what one guy found in County Park in Huntington, New York. He was walking in the forest and came to a small clearing.

There, many trees had attached photos with images of people who were missing. Just a person’s face with his name, date, and place of disappearance. The guy recorded this place on video and posted it on the Internet. The video became popular on Reddit. Its users discovered that all these people from photos went missing in different states.

None of them were found alive. After such a terrible walk, the guy called the police. Soon, they found out that one local hung these photos on trees during a Halloween party. At the request of the police, he removed all the pictures. The case was closed.

Imagine you’ve lost in the woods. You’ve been walking in the forest for several hours. You tie your scarf to a tree branch and walk further along the narrow path. Half an hour later, you come to the tree with the scarf. You’ve never turned left or right, but why are you walking in circles, then?

The answer is a round forest. There’s nothing mystical here, but it still attracts the attention of many tourists. The forest grows in the south of Japan. If you look at it from a bird’s-eye view, you will see that trees grow in a circle, forming several layers. The closer to the center of this circle, the closer the trees are placed to each other.

It resembles mysterious circular patterns in fields worldwide, but there’s nothing fantastic here. No spaceships from another planet and no natural anomaly made this, but people. In 1973, people planted trees in the shape of 10 concentric circles. It was an experiment that showed how cedars would grow in such unusual conditions. The trees began to grow in a convex shape, symmetrically fanning out.

This proved that the size of the gaps between the trees affects their growth. Initially, according to the plan, people had to cut down trees. But the place became popular among tourists. Its photo quickly spread throughout the Internet, so people decided to leave it untouched. You can also visit this forest and take beautiful drone shots.


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