People Who Receive Flowers Often Tend to Be Happier and Smile More, According to a Study

2 years ago

Flowers are one of women’s favorite Valentine’s Day gifts, a survey revealed, and now we know the reason. According to a study, receiving flowers not only makes people happy; it also reduces stress and depression.

In addition to that, there are a lot more benefits of receiving flowers. Bright Side has listed them down below for our readers.

Flowers make people smile, more than anything.

To learn about the effects flowers have on people, 2 professors began their research at Rutgers. In a series of experiments, they presented the participants with different gifts — a fruit basket, a beautiful candle, and a bouquet of flowers. Observing their reactions, it was noted that people were happier when they received flowers and had a genuine smile on their faces.

They make people happy for days.

Flowers evoked a “Duchenne smile” in people, the truest kind of smile which involves the eyes, the mouth, and the cheeks. This reaction was not observed in people when they were given other gifts. In fact, it was observed that the people who received flowers were happier than others in the study, even after 3 days!

They reduce stress, like pets.

Jeannette Haviland, one of the researchers behind the study, added further that flowers are like pets of the plant world. Just like playing with puppies and kittens reduces stress, flowers evoke a similar kind of happiness and elevate our mood.

They bring you closer to people and keep depression away.

According to an expert, receiving flowers releases “happy chemicals” in our body, boosting dopamine (responsible for feeling good), oxytocin (responsible for bonding and love), and serotonin (an anti-depressant), which leaves us feeling refreshed and happy!

Do you agree with the study? Tag your friends below and drop a hint that you want flowers!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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