“Please Tell Ke He’s Famous Too,” Ke Huy Quan Becomes “King of the Selfie” With Celebrities (20 Pics)

year ago

Meet the one and only King of the Selfie, Ke Huy Quan. And let us tell you, this guy knows how to take a selfie like nobody’s business. But here’s the thing: despite being a viral sensation and rubbing elbows with A-list celebrities, Ke still doesn’t seem to recognize his own fame. So, if you run into him on the street, don’t forget to tell him he’s famous too. Check out these photos of his!

1. With Brad Pitt

2. With Seth Rogen

3. With Anne Hathaway

4. With Demi Moore

5. With Channing Tatum

6. With Lily James

7. With Miley Cyrus

8. With Jimmy Kimmel

9. With Usher

10. With Joe Jonas

11. With Riz Ahmed

12. With Amy Poehler

13. With Zendaya and Austin Butler

14. With Jenna Ortega

15. With Terry Crews

16. With Jeremy Strong

17. With Taron Egerton

18. With Sacha Baron Cohen

19. With Gwendoline Christie

20. With Richard E. Grant

Check these out before you leave. They are meant to bright up your day!


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