Psychologists Name the Phrases Signifying That Your Man Doesn’t Love You Anymore

6 months ago

Psychologists claim that there are specific behavioral patterns that signify your relationships have reached a deadlock or they haven’t been serious from the very beginning. Apart from that, scientists name specific words or language constructions that can ruin any relationships, or they can signal that your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

Bright Side made a list of such words and sentences that a person in love will never say to his/her soul mate.

7. “I don’t have to explain myself to you!”

Of course, our partners should not be interrogated and they don’t have to explain every single step they take, but it’s normal to say how the day has passed or share a problem in mind. These are just regular human needs. If he/she doesn’t want to do it, then he/she probably doesn’t care what you think.

Loving people never take a request to tell about their day with hostility.

6. “It’s not my problem!” or “It’s your problem!”

Such words are a clear sign that your relationships are coming to their end. If your partner is not interested in your problems, even if you ask for help, then he/she doesn’t have feelings for you any more.

Loving people will always find time to help, even if it’s inconvenient to them.

5. “If you don’t like it, find someone else.”

A person tries to manipulate you with such words. He/she doesn’t want to change and sincerely believes that you should live with his/her flaws. If you don’t like it — you are free to leave.

Loving people are ready to compromise in most cases, are more soft in communication, and they always respect their partner’s opinion.

4. “I don’t believe you.”

These words are usually said by unconfident people, or, on the contrary, by people who want to dominate. They demand excuses in situations that were not even your fault. What is more probable, though, is that this person just looks for a reason to have a fight or wants to break up.

Loving people usually listen and hear each other.

3. “Do what you want.”

These words signify that your partner is distant and indifferent to you. He/she doesn’t care what you are going to do in difficult situations and whether you will be capable to find the way out. Your partner wants you to deal with the questions, which don’t involve him/her directly, by yourself.

Loving people will be cooperative, and they will help you to make a choice. They won’t leave you at a crossroad. Though, it’s probably not the best way to build relationships by demanding attention in every trifling choice.

2. “You are overthinking it.”

Your partner can say these words when you try to make him/her feel guilty. You should remember that there is a chance that you really are overthinking it.

If this situation happens, you should calm down, think it over thoroughly, and explain to your partner what worries you. Remember, “You are overthinking it,” can’t be an answer. Ask your partner to give a full explanation. But if he/she still repeats these words, then maybe he/she doesn’t love you anymore.

1. “I really love you.”

You would say: “It can’t be true! He/she says he/she loves me!” But the word “really” is usually used when your partner feels guilty and tries to prove that he/she stills loves you. These words can be used as an excuse to explain his/her nasty behavior.

If your partner uses one of the sentences from our list, and then he/she says that he/she “really” loves you, then it’s probably not true. What is more possible is that your partner might be trying to manipulate your feelings.

If none of the words mentioned above are a part of your relationships, then there are no reasons for you to doubt the sincerity of “I love you.”

Sometimes we can hear such words from our partners because they are irritated, upset, or offended. But if your partner has feelings for you, he/she would never try to say these words to you.

Which words do you consider a signal that your partner doesn’t love you anymore?

Illustrator Sergey Raskovalov for Bright Side


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