Rafael’s Wife Left Him on His 30th Birthday, and His Dog Helped Him Get Over It (Attention: It’s Too Cute for Words)

3 years ago

Life comes at us in really strange ways sometimes. Rafael, for example, wasn’t expecting his wife to leave him, but unfortunately it happened. Break ups hurt, but these experiences certainly make us wiser and better. This Brazilian artists showed the world that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or margaritas).

Bright Side would like to share Rafael and his adorable bull terrier’s amazing journey with you.

This is Rafael Mantesso. He is an artist from Brazil, who became famous on Instagram after he started posting photos of his beloved dog in 2014. Rafael is not only extremely talented, but he’s also a source of inspiration for many people in the world going through break ups.

Rafael was married, and as it sometimes happens in life, he and his wife started fighting and their relationship got worse. In order to try to save the marriage, Rafael went through therapy and that’s when he found out he had a mild version of Asperger’s syndrome. Later things with his wife became even worse and the couple divorced. Rafael’s ex-wife left him on his 30th birthday and she took everything they had except for the dog.

This is Rafael’s dog — bull terrier Jimmy Choo, whom his ex-wife named after her favorite shoe designer. After the divorce, the artist found himself in an empty all-white apartment, and Jimmy was the only thing left from his past life. At this moment Rafael decided to look on the bright side. Feeling inspired he started to take funny photos of Jimmy Choo which he uploaded to Instagram.

This adorable bull terrier not only helped Rafael to get over his divorce, but also helped him to deal with Asperger’s syndrome. Now Rafael and Jimmy Choo have more that 600 thousand followers on Instagram and Rafael even published a book called A Dog Named Jimmy.

Enjoy some super cute photos of Jimmy Choo below!

1. Mi casa es su casa

2. Rainy day is a perfect day for a walk

3. Karaoke anyone?

4. Someone’s gotta save the world

5. Jimmy Choo of the House of Bull Terrier, First of His Name, King of the 7 Kingdoms

6. Ooooops!

7. Oh no, Jimmy!

8. Rock’n Rolla

9. What a cute little pumpkin!

10. It’s nice to be fresh and clean.

11. Jimmy, you look slightly different.

12. Sing it to me!

13. Oh deer!

14. To eat or not to eat?

15. Perfect vacay

16. Even a bull terrier needs some spa time.

17. Is that you, Hulk?

18. What am I doing with my life?

19. Okay, I’m ready for fall.

20. Sports are life.

21. Look at this beautiful unicorn!

22. Jimmy Choo wearing Jimmy Choo

23. Rafael and Jimmy. Cutest couple ever!


Are you a dog-lover or a cat-lover? Did you like this photo collection?

Share with us what you think in the comments below!


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