Rebel Wilson Reveals She Was Banned from Disneyland for Breaking a Rule

6 months ago

Rebel Wilson may be a big-name celebrity, but when it comes to Disneyland, she’s a fan girl just like the rest of us. However, that fandom overtook her on a recent visit, and the self-proclaimed “Disney Adult” landed in some hot water with the house of mouse.

Wilson acknowledged that she was banned for violating a serious Disneyland law. As a result, the 43-year-old actress, recently engaged to Ramona Agruma at the California attraction, confessed that she was asked to refrain from entering the park.

The actress disclosed that she was prohibited from Disneyland for 30 days because she took a photo inside one of the park’s secret bathrooms, which is considered against the park’s regulations.

However, she further revealed that the Disneyland authorities coordinated the penalty so that it did not clash with her schedule, and she did not have to miss out on visiting the theme park for too long. Wilson revealed that she was asked to specify the 30 days she preferred not to visit Disneyland. The theme park authorities organized her ban accordingly, considering her busy filming schedule.

Apart from mentioning the presence of “secret bathrooms,” the actress also disclosed that groups of adult visitors are known as “gangs” at Disneyland. These gangs have unique names like the “White Rabbits,” the “Children of Thanos,” and “Coco Locos” and they wear matching vests while engaging in “gang stuff” around the park.

She further shared that one of the initiation rites for these gangs was to steal the apple from the Snow White ride, which occurred so frequently that a hologram had to be introduced in its place.

While Rebel joked about her insider knowledge of Disneyland gangs, she did not reveal how she acquired this information.

Recently, Rebel Wilson appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, where she talked about her engagement with Ramona Agruma. The proposal took place at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, and Rebel shared that she had reached out to the Disney CEO for special permission to propose at the park.

The actress described Disneyland as the most magical proposal place on Earth and explained that she had to arrange for a special area to be roped off and for topiary trees to be brought in. She had a violinist playing Disney classics, which made the whole experience very romantic.

The actress also revealed that it was her first time being engaged and she was unsure of how to go about it. She got down on one knee and asked Ramona to marry her, and to her surprise, Ramona responded by also getting down on one knee and proposing to her so that Rebel wouldn’t be the only one doing it.


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