Robert Pattinson Is the Most Handsome Man in the World, According to Science

2 years ago

Robert Pattinson is the best looking man according to science and is the closest to being “perfect.” The 33-year-old Twilight star apparently has the best facial features and proportions, leaving hotties like Brad Pitt and George Clooney in the dust.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the results of this research and would love to pass on its details to our readers.

A brand new technique was used to search for the man with the “Golden Ratio.”

To find the most handsome man in the world, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva turned to science. He used a new mapping technique that compares facial features with the “Golden Ratio” a.k.a. the beauty standard of the Greeks. Photos of major Hollywood heartthrobs were subjects in the test and their facial proportions were examined.

According to ancient Greek standards, Robert Pattinson is the “most beautiful man alive.”

After summarizing the results, it was concluded that Robert Pattinson has the most perfect face and facial details. He matched the idea of the “perfect man” set by the Greeks by an astonishing 92.15% with his eyes, nose, and chin being his best features.

Following Pattinson were Henry Cavil, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, and more.

Henry Cavill gave Robert Pattinson some tough competition and was placed as the second most handsome man in the world with 91.64%. A Star is Born’s Bradley Cooper bagged third and Brad Pitt was placed fourth followed by George Clooney.

The others that made the top ten were Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Idris Elba, Kanye West, and Ryan Gosling. Ryan scored the best for his nose and David Beckham received an almost perfect rating for his chin. Surprisingly, Jason Momoa didn’t make the cut.

The same procedure was used to identify the most beautiful woman.

Using the Golden Ratio, supermodel Bella Hadid has been declared as the most beautiful woman in the world. She scored 94.35% on the scale of perfection with her goddess-like chin. Other famous people who made the top 5 were Beyoncé, Amber Heard, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift.

Can you think of someone more worthy of the title of “the most handsome man” than Robert Pattinson?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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In as much as it is true that the men and a woman on the list are equally beautiful, there are people of other races and origins here in the US that are more attractive and charming especially among the black and Latino communities.

However, it is true that Robbert Pattison is very handsome, but not the most handsome, according to me?


That was according to the greeks. Robert kind of looks vampirish and creepy to me ( my opinion)

Going by Disney princes’ criterion I’d say Chris Evans suits best.☺️


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