Sally Field Honors Late Co-Star Robin Williams as She Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

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On the 30th anniversary of Mrs. Doubtfire, Sally Field paid a heartfelt tribute to her co-star Robin Williams. The 76-year-old actress received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 SAG Awards, and she made sure to mention the late actor who had influenced her career tremendously. Sally’s words spoke straight to our souls and reminded us of the great legend that was Robin Williams.

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As she was speaking about the 1993 classic Mrs. Doubtfire, Field recalled the huge impact Williams had on her during the making of the film. She admitted, ’’There isn’t a moment of it that’s not filled with my love and joy at being in his presence.’’

She went on to praise the late actor, calling him ’’a generous, loving, sweet, generously talented man.’’

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Williams, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 63, was one of Hollywood’s comedy icons. And his portrayal of a dad who decides to pose as a female nanny to spend more time with his children in Mrs. Doubtfire remains one of the most memorable comedic roles in movie history.

In the film, Field played his wife, who he was separating from, and the actress was most certainly marked by her beloved co-star.

During the SAG Awards, Field made sure to take her time and honor Robin, and noted, ’’We all miss him."

The 76-year-old exclaimed, ’’He should be growing old like me,’’ adding that she ’’hates’’ that he’s not here anymore.


Field, who is also a movie icon herself, has admitted that she refuses to watch her past projects despite keeping good memories from most of them.

She noted, ’’I have memories, I think, of almost everything I’ve done."


Having said that, Sally acknowledges that there are some really old roles of hers where she says, ’’I don’t remember being there, I don’t remember saying that.’’

The star then humorously added, ’’But, you know, it’s almost 60 years ago. I’m allowed to forget some of those days!’’

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