Scarlett Johansson Opens Up About Mental Struggles Because of Her Acne

6 months ago

Scarlett Johansson is admired as one of the most beautiful women, capturing hearts with her elegance and charm. However, behind the scenes, Johansson has grappled with a common yet deeply personal struggle — acne. Surprising many, the actress has openly shared her journey, revealing a time when the fear of leaving her house without makeup was a daily challenge. Her open revelation shows that even famous beauty icons like her deal with skin challenges, despite their seemingly perfect image.

It affected her mental health.

Oleg Nikishin/East News

Opening up about her experience, the actress revealed that her skin nearly pushed her into a state of depression. She shared that dealing with acne can deeply affect emotions, not only for a day but for the whole week. Feeling judged when going out takes a toll on mental well-being, making the experience tough. Johansson pointed out how acne can have a widespread impact on a person’s mental health, bringing attention to the emotional challenges linked with the skin. By openly sharing her experiences, she hopes to connect with people who face similar challenges.

She tried covering her face with cosmetics.

Oleg Nikishin/East News

Johansson used to feel the need to wear makeup all the time, even putting on concealer before going to work. Her goal was to avoid judgment based solely on her appearance and to prevent feeling ashamed. Thankfully, attitudes toward these issues are more positive and accepting now. However, when she was a teenager, people didn’t talk about these things as much, leading to negative views. According to the actress, the idea of having “dirty” skin was especially hurtful during that time.

She even threw away her mirror.

Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News

In the midst of her battles with skin problems, Johansson often picked at her face. Her sister once recommended throwing away her 20x magnifying mirror, and the star sees it as the best skincare advice she ever got. She used to pick at her skin, and her sister stressed the importance of ditching the mirror to break that habit. The advice included not scrutinizing pores too closely, with a reminder that others don’t notice those details. The actress believes that this advice significantly improved her mental well-being.

She takes better care of her skin now.

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Johansson now treats her skin with greater kindness. Her morning routine involves a simple three-step process: cleanser, serum, and day cream. If she showers or cleanses her skin during the day, she reapplies the serum. In the evening, she cleanses her face with the same cleanser and typically uses night cream. Occasionally, she opts to give her skin a break and refrains from applying anything after washing, although this isn’t a regular practice. Her new skincare routine is well-balanced and shows a flexible approach to keeping her skin healthy.

She treasures her nighttime rituals.


After returning home, Johansson frequently enjoys taking a bath. Regular baths indeed offer some advantages, such as muscle relaxation, nervous system stimulation, and gentle skin exfoliation. The calming atmosphere at home enhances the soothing effects of the bath, providing a peaceful experience for the actress. This practice not only benefits skin health but also contributes to overall well-being.

Scarlett Johansson openly admitted that during her battle with acne, she couldn’t go out without makeup. However, some celebrities are brave enough to post their bare-faced selfies and receive tons of support from their fans. When Salma Hayek posted yet another makeup-free selfie on her Instagram account, her followers couldn’t help but shower her with comments. She reveals that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning or use exfoliators, yet her skin still looks flawless.

Preview photo credit Oleg Nikishin/East News


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