How 10+ Actors Who Stole Our Hearts in the ’80s and ’90s Look Today

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As humans, we have control over many aspects of our lives, but time remains beyond our grasp. It continues to move forward relentlessly, unaffected by our desires to halt its progress. And as it marches on, it leaves its marks on us. Our hair may turn gray, and our skin may develop wrinkles, but in return, we gain wisdom and a greater understanding of what truly matters. This universal experience affects even the once sought-after heartthrobs who captivated us in ’80s and ’90s movies.

1. Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis is not just incredibly good-looking. He is among the top 10 highest-earning movie stars. But his life story isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

His journey in the acting world started when he worked hard as a waiter in a restaurant and caught the attention of a director who needed someone to play the role of a waiter in a movie. Bruce was so talented that his career took off from that point onwards. He went on to star in popular films like Pulp Fiction, Sixth Sense, and Armageddon, just to name a few. In his personal life, Bruce Willis is in a relationship with Emma Heming. However, he is also on good terms with his ex-wife and the mother of his three daughters, Demi Moore.

2. Michael J. Fox

Like many of us, the allure of time travel and exploring the future alongside Michael J. Fox in his iconic car is undeniable. While “Back to the Future” remains one of his most memorable films, Fox’s talent extends to numerous significant movies and series such as Tales from the Crypt, Annie, and his recent appearance in Netflix’s See You Yesterday.

Currently, the actor faces personal challenges due to his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease several years ago. Despite this, Fox maintains an optimistic outlook and cherishes moments spent with his wife and children. Reflecting on the past years, he acknowledges the difficulties and expresses gratitude for his incredible blessings. “Life is good,” he affirms.

3. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin gained initial prominence for his remarkable performances on the small screen during the early ’80s, captivating audiences with shows like The Doctors that enjoyed widespread popularity across the United States. However, his portrayal of Adam in Tim Burton’s timeless classic Beetlejuice remains etched in our memories. Beyond his undeniable charisma, Baldwin has forged a prolific career, boasting notable appearances in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, A Star Is Born, and Pixie, among numerous other productions that solidify his status as one of the industry’s finest actors.

What sets Baldwin apart from many of his Hollywood counterparts is his success not only professionally but also in his personal life. His enduring marriage to Hilaria Baldwin has spanned over two decades, and they have recently celebrated the arrival of their sixth child (seventh for Alec, who has a son from his previous marriage to actress Kim Basinger).

4. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s acting career is incredibly diverse, making it difficult to pinpoint just one defining role for him. However, if we had to choose, we would have to talk about the famous film series that truly showcases his talent: Lethal Weapon. Nevertheless, we can confidently say that his most successful role came when he portrayed Sir William Wallace in Braveheart. He also appeared in movies like What Women Want, Signs, and Force of Nature.

In his personal life, the actor has been in a relationship with Rosalind Ross since 2014, and they have a son together. Gibson has eight other children from previous marriages. Although his personal life has been less stable, it seems Gibson has found his happiness.

5. David Hasselhoff

Beyond his striking good looks, David Hasselhoff has proven to be a multi-talented individual. His journey began at 7 when he embarked on acting, dancing, and singing lessons, initially envisioning a path paved with Broadway musicals. However, fate had other plans in store for him.

Hasselhoff’s portrayal of Michael Knight in the hit series Knight Rider catapulted him to international stardom. He later secured a role in the immensely successful series Baywatch and, more recently, appeared in productions like Killing Hasselhoff, showcasing his versatility.

It comes as no surprise that in his leisure time, he indulges in outdoor sports such as scuba diving. Adding to his list of admirable qualities, Hasselhoff devotes countless hours to visiting children in hospitals worldwide, exemplifying his generosity of spirit.

6. Tom Cruise

For anyone who experienced their teenage years in the ’80s, it’s almost certain that either you or one of your friends adorned their room with a poster of Tom Cruise. Summarizing the career of this heartthrob in just a few sentences proves challenging, given his extensive repertoire spanning movies, series, and various ventures. However, if we were to highlight a couple of noteworthy milestones, it would undoubtedly be his unforgettable performances in Top Gun and the action-packed Mission: Impossible franchise.

Recently, Cruise concluded filming for the long-awaited sequel to one of his most iconic films, Top Gun: Maverick. Furthermore, he remains fully immersed in Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 shooting. Alongside these projects, it appears that Cruise has also found love, as he is currently in a relationship with his co-star in the movie, British actress Hayley Atwell.

7. Kevin Costner

As fate would have it, Kevin Costner’s journey into acting was fortunate, according to the man himself. Rewinding to a flight from Mexico with his newlywed wife at the age of 22, Costner found himself in an empty row next to none other than 7-time Oscar nominee Richard Burton. Their conversation and Burton’s advice were a lucky sign for Costner to embark on an acting career. Subsequent success followed when he starred in The Untouchables and became part of the cast of The Bodyguard.

Beyond his accomplishments in film, Costner’s interests extend to other ventures. He acquired a company specializing in centrifuge machinery development, primarily focusing on oil-water separation. Additionally, he formed the band Kevin Costner & Modern West, showcasing his musical inclination, releasing five albums to date.

8. Matthew Broderick

The odds were in his favor regarding pursuing an acting career, considering Matthew Broderick’s lineage as the son of actor James Broderick. His illustrious career encompasses well-known titles, including The Cable Guy, The Freshman, Addicted to Love, and Manchester by the Sea.

Married to Sarah Jessica Parker, their enduring relationship has surpassed the 23-year mark. When asked about her husband, the actress playfully quips, “He’s an actor I love both on and off the stage.”

9. Lorenzo Lamas

With his muscular build, flowing locks, and motorcycle rides, Lorenzo Lamas captivated audiences through his role in the series Renegade, setting a new standard for masculinity. Following his breakthrough, the actor starred in The Paradise Virus, Air America, and Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie.

While remaining active in the acting realm, Lamas has recently embraced a lesser-known profession—serving as an airplane and helicopter pilot. He has joined the tourist flight company HeliNY ranks, offering his aerial transportation expertise. Despite his aviation pursuits, Lamas continues preparing for two upcoming movies, demonstrating his dedication to acting and aviation.

10. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe stands as one of Hollywood’s most coveted heartthrobs, boasting an incredibly captivating career within the industry. His journey to stardom commenced during childhood, gaining recognition through his appearances on Australian television. His role in the film The Sum of Us propelled him into the American spotlight.

Crowe’s career soared to new heights from that point forward, showcasing his talent in notable films such as L.A Confidential alongside Kim Basinger in 1997. He further mesmerized audiences with his unforgettable performance in Gladiator in 2000 and subsequently joined the casts of The Mummy and Unhinged, among other noteworthy productions.

In his personal life, the actor is currently engaged to Britney Theriot, and the couple shares a passion for playing tennis together, indulging in the sport as a source of enjoyment and relaxation.

Bonus: Kathleen Turner

EAST NEWS, Invision/Invision/East News

Kathleen Turner is one of those actresses whose beauty made people obsessed. Her long and successful career started with a debut in The Doctors, the NCB daytime soap. However, the thriller Body Heat brought her international fame. Kathleen immediately conquered the hearts of millions of people around the world.

After this, her career only went up, and films with her earned many recognized awards. However, her vocals are another remarkable feature. She is a voice actor for the famous Jessica Rabbit in the 1988 live-action/animated film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Among her other noteworthy voice acting are Monster House, King of the Hill, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, and way more.

Aging is an interesting thing in every period. While our favorite celebrities age gracefully, their children grow up glowing. If you want to see how their kids changed over time, then make sure to check our previous article!

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