Scientists Reveal What Your Favorite Snack Says About Your Personality

3 years ago

If you’d like to get to know a person more, you can try observing the type of food they enjoy eating. According to research, specific snacks and flavors can be a signal to a person’s personality type. This area of learning is called food hedonics or the study of food preferences that reveal the character of a person.

We at Bright Side will take you on a flavorful journey that can help you decipher the codes of personality and character by looking at someone’s favorite snack.

Potato chips — ambitious

Other traits: success-driven, impatient, competitive

If you know someone who loves to munch on a bag of potato chips, you might notice that he or she is very competitive. Based on observation, many of the top CEOs are more likely to reach out for those salty and crisp potato chips over other snacks. Studies have found that potato chip lovers are ambitious and high-achievers who have found success in both their business and family life.

Crackers — sensitive

Other traits: contemplative, empathic, versatile

Cracker eaters are found to be shy but thoughtful people. They are fond of multi-tasking on various projects but also need time to themselves to bring out their creativity. Versus other snack foodies, cracker lovers were observed to be the most open to online dating.

Cheese curls — virtuous

Other traits: ethical, conscientious, prim, proper

You might equate a cheese lover to having a cheesy personality, but those who enjoy binging on puffy cheese-flavored corn snacks were found to thrive with order and organization. They uphold their integrity with specific values and morals.

Tortilla chips — perfectionist

Other traits: humanitarian, time-conscious, planners

Tortilla chip lovers were discovered to have a type-A personality — they like to have things planned and within their control. They are high achievers and perfectionists who possess a lot of self-discipline.

Sour Gummies — overwhelmed

Other traits: conflicted or frustrated with life, steady, well-balanced

Sour gummies are not just sour, since they still have that sweetness factor from all the sugar. If this type of gummy is someone’s popular snack of choice, they are probably overwhelmed. A psychologist explains that if you like sour food, you tend to have high standards, but if you combine sour with sweet, you are able to return balance to your life.

Pretzels — creative

Other traits: life of the party, excessive, energetic, creative

People who enjoy munching on pretzels are linked to being extroverts. They enjoy social activities and are lively, fun-loving, and spontaneous characters who enjoy bringing creativity and freshness to their everyday life.

Ice cream

Ice cream lovers are not just classified into one personality type. A person’s character can be reflected based on their flavor preference for ice cream:

  • Strawberry — they are devoted and introverted.
  • Vanilla — they emotionally expressive, risk-takers, and impulsive.
  • Chocolate — they are dramatic, charming, flirtatious, and tend to be gullible.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip — they are go-getters filled with ambition and confidence.
  • Coffee — they are enthusiastic about spontaneity, are lively, and can be dramatic.

What is your go-to snack? Do you think these scientific studies do justice to your personality type?

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