Seal Gushes Over His Daughter Leni Klum in a Heartfelt Message That Made Us Reach for Tissues

10 months ago

Seal is one proud papa! The famous singer recently posted an extremely rare snap of himself with his and Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni, which he accompanied with the sweetest tribute like the true wordsmith that he is. Even Leni herself was touched by her father’s words.

Seal is not Leni’s biological father.

The Kiss From a Rose singer showed up in Heidi Klum’s life at the most unexpected moment. In 2003, the famous German model was dating Italian Formula 1 director Flavio Briatore and got pregnant. Shortly after the pregnancy announcement, Heidi and Flavio split, and she started a relationship with Seal.

In May 2004, Klum gave birth to a daughter, Leni. Seal was present for the birth and officially adopted the girl in 2009. Heidi says that Leni’s biological father is in no way involved in her life and that Seal is her true father. Even after the couple divorced in 2014, Seal remained in Leni’s life and continues to be the best father to her he can be.

He always shows support for his daughter.

Seal recently took to Instagram to post the latest outing with his daughter and reflect on the incredible bond the two share. He uploaded a snap of the two of them in New York and captioned it: “In NY with the young woman who changed my life for the better 19yrs ago. Thank you Leni for making me a better person. Love you, -papa.” In return, Leni commented: “So cute! I love you papa ❤️”

In addition, the 60-year-old singer also praised Leni’s professional aspirations. As he commented on her modeling career: “I’m so proud of everything that Leni has done.” He also praised her as a graceful human being, who is attentive to other people’s emotions, and he’s in general impressed on the woman she’s becoming.

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