Single People End Up Less Lonely in Old Age According to a Study

3 years ago

“You should get married otherwise you’ll be a cat lady forever.” This is what most of us have been told at least once. Women tend to come under attack more often than men. If you imagine, say, the life of a single elderly lady to be a real cat nightmare, you are mistaken. Turns out you can have it pretty good.

Bright Side breaks the stigma and shows you how bright and happy the life of an elderly single can be. So, read on if you are still worried that single people will be eaten by their cats one day.

Debunking the myth

One study found that, nowadays, even elderly people prefer to be single. Adults don’t need a spouse nearby to rescue them from loneliness. If they have close friends or someone to turn to when hardships strike, they feel just as happy as married people.

American sociologist Eric Klinenberg proves that single people are more engaged in social events and have better mental health. In his book Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone Eric reveals the benefits of living alone.

Their social bonds are stronger.

Single people keep in touch with their friends and family more often. There is no one to take them away from other social connections. People who marry might become less attentive to their siblings, relatives, and parents. They don’t show as much support as single people do. What’s more, social scientists found that single people receive more help from their social networks than married people do. It’s better to not neglect friendships, as they become increasingly important as we age, according to several studies.

They are more tech-savvy.

To keep in touch with their friends and family, they have to know how to use modern technology. They are on good terms with Skype, WhatsApp, and other social networks because they are eager to learn and they have time for that. Unlike singles, married people don’t feel the need to go that far because they already have their other half.

They take advantage of their solitude.

Single people devote a lot of their free time to self-development. They keep valuable work in high regard, exercise more, and have fewer negative thoughts due to their sense of self-sufficiency. People who have never married are self-sufficient and experience less negativity. Surprisingly, married people who are just as self-sufficient actually tend to experience negative emotions. Singles also have fewer regrets, as they have freedom of choice and don’t need to discuss changes with their partner.

Would you prefer to be alone when you’re old? Do you believe single people are happier?

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it seems like people should not feel scared of getting old alone


I still think that nothing is better than getting old surrounded by your family, nothing can substitute the feelings your family gives you


I'm in my mid 30s and I haven't had a partner for 3 yrs and im loving every single little second of it


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