Spend 60 Seconds on the Activity That Will Show How Attentive to Detail You Are

2 years ago

When we have too much work, we often panic and try to do everything at the same time. In the end, nothing works and we are left confused. In these situations, the ability to switch from one task to another is not as important as the ability to concentrate. In this article, we will help you develop this skill.

Bright Side presents you with this exercise which will help you learn to not get fixated on one thing and notice all the details possible.

Look at this picture of the castle. You need to find the 10 objects that don’t belong there. You have 1 minute. Go!

If you have a problem looking for the objects, here are a few hints:

  1. A different name for a head;
  2. Protects you from bad weather;
  3. A night hunter;
  4. Sports equipment;
  5. It gives milk;
  6. What a woodcutter uses;
  7. 2018 Chinese zodiac animal;
  8. Has a mane;
  9. A reptile with a long body. Can be poisonous;
  10. Cowboys have it.


1. Skull; 2. Umbrella; 3. Owl; 4. Ball; 5. Goat; 6. Axe; 7. Dog; 8. Lion; 9. Snake; 10. Gun.

How fast did you notice all the objects? Which of them was the hardest to find? Tell us in the comment section below!


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