Steve Carell Found Love Before Fame and Has a Marriage as Strong as His Career

Some people believe that destiny plays an important role in bringing lucky people together. It could be that or pure chance, but the truth is that there are couples who meet and instantly see they will spend the rest of their lives together. That’s what happened to Steve Carell when he met Nancy. They’re now celebrating 27 years of marriage.

Bright Side brings you the story of Steve Carell and Nancy’s marriage, which is full of love, laughter, and many years of not letting go of each other’s hands.

Steve Carell is a multifaceted actor who we have seen develop his skills in different characters, first in comedy and then in drama. That, among other aspects, earned him the respect and affection not only of his fans but also of critics. But few people know that throughout his acting career, there has been one constant in his life: his wife, Nancy, whom he met before fame came knocking at his door and with whom he has a beautiful family.

Their love story started long before Steve was a household name. They met while she was attending an improv class that he was teaching. She was his student, and he was attracted to her because, in his head, Nancy was everything he could have dreamed of. She was beautiful, bright and very funny.

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But it took a while for the couple to take a more formal step from teacher and student to something more, as there was a misinterpretation. Steve thought she hated him because she was so quiet when he was around. As it turned out, Nancy was simply acting that way because she was nervous about being with him, so she felt she had to appear calm.

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The actor opened up about how long it took him to ask her out. He said that he would tell her that if he were ever going to ask a girl out, it would be someone exactly like her. And she would reply that if a man like him did that, she would think it was okay. However, things didn’t go any further than that. They went on like that for a long time until Steve finally asked her out, and she agreed.

They got married in Massachusetts in 1995. The actor said that it was a hot day and the church had no air conditioning, so he was sweating a lot. However, when he turned around and saw Nancy walking down the aisle, everything instantly stopped: he stopped sweating and thought, “That person has my back, and I am so much more powerful now that she is part of my world.”

Steve loves his family and shows it by saying that his wife and children are his happy place. He refers to them as “his sense of home.”

Nancy Carell is also very talented. She is an actress and comedian and has worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Office. Steve and Nancy aren’t only a power couple in a sentimental way. They also created a comedy series for TBS called Angie Tribeca, which ran for 4 seasons.

They’ve worked together on set twice: first in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, where Nancy played a therapist, and in The Office. There she played the role of Michael’s girlfriend.

On Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s podcast, they talked about what it was like to be a part of the series. They all worked with Steve on The Office, and they said that once when Nancy worked alongside Steve, they noticed something special: “You want to meet a man who loves you like Steve loves Nancy, because he’s charmed by her.”

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As the family grew, the dynamic changed a bit. Nancy retired from the sets to care for her baby, and Steve also experienced a career shift. He said, “I’ll never forget the first audition after my daughter was born. I made it perfect because I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to be home with my baby, and it changed my perspective on my career and the world, on who I was.”

While filming The Office, the actor made sure everyone finished early so they could have dinner as a family. Steve said, “Having children is by far the most important and the best thing we could have done.”

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Studies have shown that a shared sense of humor makes for a successful relationship, and we can see that’s true in Steve and Nancy’s case. They have been married for almost 30 years and are a pretty stable couple. He stated, “My wife is funnier than I am. As much as I don’t feel I share a sense of humor with my family, I definitely share one with her. We find the same things funny.”

When asked about the secret to forming a strong marriage like theirs, Steve simply replied, “There is no secret, I think you just get lucky.”

What do you think is the secret to a strong relationship? What do you share with your partner that makes your love stronger?

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