Such Strong-Willed Women Make Us Want to Say, “You Go, Girl!”

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3 years ago

Strong-willed, motivated, energetic — these adjectives are commonly used to describe men. But women also face difficulties that no man can even imagine.

We at Bright Side admire strong women and want to tell you about 25 amazing, beautiful, and incredibly inspirational women that have a very strong character.

"There is a group of women getting on my flight and one has a shirt that says “Just Divorced” and the others have shirts that say “Divorce Support Group” and they are all drunk. Those are the types of friends everyone needs in their life."

"My mom just graduated from nursing school at 44 years old. Here she is, posing in front of her high school graduation picture. She wanted me to tell everyone that, “It’s never too late to improve yourself."

"After years of trying to have kids and getting nothing but sad news, my wife made me the happiest man alive."

"I know selfies aren't OK, but I am so proud that I finally felt confident enough to wear a bikini instead of hiding my scar."

"After having shaky hands due to multiple sclerosis for 2 years, I motivated myself to practice by using liquid liner. Today I managed this for the first time. Not much, but I'm still kind of proud."

"My 90-year-old grandma just ran...not walked, RAN...her first 5K."

"My wife had her first chemo today!"

"One of my best friends just became the second female to ever win the Marlin World Cup. She took home $561,600 in winnings."

Tillya is the most adorable bionic girl on the planet!

"My wife finished a triathlon today, one year since her first race. It's still hard to complete a triathlon without the extra 50kg (110lb)."

A 24-year-old single mother had a baby during her final year at Harvard Law School. She graduated last month and walked across the stage carrying her daughter.

"My mom is 44 years old and she is enjoying her life."

"After months of hanging onto my thinning hair, I finally let go and shaved my head. I feel strong, beautiful, and couldn’t be happier!"

"My mother on an incentive ride to stay in the USAF (1991)."

"Quit 20 years of a boring cubicle job and got my real estate license at age 43! Never too late to start fresh!"

"My sister giving me a thumbs up before her Glioblastoma surgery."

"Ever since I was in elementary school, I knew I wanted to be a designer. Not only that, I also knew that I wanted to do evening wear. When the dress walked on the runway, the crowd cheered so loud it brought tears to my eyes. That was when I knew that my dream had come true."

"My mom enrolled my 80-year-old grandma in an Idaho Star Introduction to Motorcycle course for Mother's Day."

"You’re never too old to have fun with your parents. A picture of my mom and I in matching Iron Maiden shirts after seeing the Impractical Jokers show I got her tickets for last Christmas."

"Mariah Parker, the newly elected commissioner of GA district 2 in Athens, Georgia. Mariah won by 13 votes. Please, always vote. It matters."

"My mom divorced my dad who constantly cheated on her and now she is out there living her best life in Cabo with a new man who takes her places."

"When you have 2 eye surgeries in one day, and your best friend is a bird, you have to take a pirate photo, right?!"

"My 100-year-old grandma, enjoying a pint at a local brewery."

"My favorite picture of my mom. She was the only girl in her welding class in 1984. Byrd High School. Shreveport, Louisiana."

"I stopped caring too much and life got so much better."

These women are amazing! We are impressed by their strength, persistence, and positive approach to life. Have you ever met such women? Or maybe, you are one of them! Tell us your story. Email your stories to with the subject title "My story."

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