Ten seriously satisfying things all women love doing alone

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2 years ago

It’s no secret that sometimes we all like to spend some time completely alone — without our parents, children or significant other. There is so much we can do on our own! For our imagination is truly boundless.

But what do men and women like to do differently when they have some ’me time’? Bright Side thought it was time to spill the beans on what women really like to do when they’re alone. Does any of this sound familiar?

1. Eat as much as they want

Admit it, ladies — there are times when you succumb to that urge to eat an entire chocolate bar. By yourself. Without having to break off pieces for your pack of eternally hungry little kids. Seriously now, can’t a woman drink a carton of juice without being interrupted by somebody asking to share? Of course she can. She can do so when she is alone at home, and all the delicious snacks are hers and hers only.

2. Watch silly TV shows

There are times when women feel like watching a TV show that they wouldn’t brag about watching. Kids take no interest in these shows, and its inevitable that their men will judge them for wasting their time with trashy TV. Peace and tranquility come to the house when dad takes the kids out for a stroll, then they’ve finally got the time to enjoy their favourite TV shows.

3. Listen to music, singing, and dancing

When no one else’s about, plenty of women out there think to themselves: Hoorah! I can finally put on Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or One Direction songs on full volume (or nearly full volume — no need to annoy the neighbours), run around the house and dance. Because there’s nothing like letting yourself fool around every once in a while.

4. Enjoy the moment

There’s no denying that the love we receive from our partners and children fills our hearts with infinite joy and happiness. However, all women have got to admit that they need some alone time as well, say, at least 20 mins of solitude a day for their piece of mind, when nobody tugs at their sleeve or asks questions.

5. Soak in a luxurious bath

Just imagine this: a bubble bath, moisturizing face mask and relaxing music. Nobody is bothering you for no reason or pestering you on the topic of the bathroom’s availability. Simply marvelous! What women could say no to that?

6. Read magazines or books that they haven’t had the chance to read

Embracing the opportunity to wipe those inches of dust off their favourite novel, sink into the sofa and read to their heart’s content — virtually all women love to do this when the last person shuts the front door behind tem. The main catch in this situation: Must. Not. Fall. Asleep.

7. Sit on the couch for more than five minutes and enjoy the feeling of cleanliness

....which will be gone in no time as soon as the rest of the family comes back! If anything, they can always rely on the kids to make the whole place messy again, and heaven knows how they manage to do it so fast. So naturally, all women (and all parents in general) want this fleeting time of peace and quiet to last just a little while longer.

8. Do things at home with nobody’s help

Sometimes the kids want to help mum with household tasks, which is a great way to teach them to be responsible and neat. However, sometimes a woman just wants to be over and done with the dishes and go back to her life. As it goes, even when helping, children remain the prime source of mess and trouble — they inevitably spill and break things in the process. Of course, it goes without saying that we love our children nonetheless...But we’ve got to admit that no one will give the place a proper clean like we can.

9. Go shopping without having to rush or watch out for the kids

A trip to the shopping mall alone without her partner and children feels like a jailbreak for a lot of women. They feel totally carefree. They can choose and try on clothes for as long as they want without constantly checking their watch, and without being hurried along by endless sighs, moans and groans. What a joyous feeling!

10. Sleep

Any sleeping position will do, be it starfish or ’the log’. Sleep is the epitome of pleasure. There’s nothing else to be said!


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