Test: Name the Animal You Saw First and Find Out a Lot About Your Personality

4 years ago

Carl Jung used associative tests as a lie detector in the 20th century because they require an instant reaction and do not give the subjects the opportunity to think about what they see. Now we will try to get some information from your subconscious mind, which in ordinary life, as a rule, is hidden even from yourself.

Bright Side offers you an associative test compiled with an amendment to the excellent sense of humor of our readers.

Relax, trust your subconscious, look at the image, and remember the symbol that you noticed first.

Which animal did you see first?

The cat

This choice indicates your unwillingness to start your working week, your longing for a vacation, and the desire to bring your break time closer. Or even the end of the working day because you want to finally come home, sit in a cozy armchair, and read your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show.

The dog

You feel the support of friends and with such help, you are ready to solve any occurring problem. Fighting spirit is a good thing. But consider the task with a cold mind to see if you are able to solve it alone. After all, people around you can change their plans. And you constantly forget about this because you yourself never let anyone down.

The lion

You are irresistible! You are often told about this, right? Is it because of your new hairdo? However, you don't even need to change your hairstyle to stay on top. There is something in you that attracts people and this something causes respect and admiration but envy, as well. But do not judge them strictly because you actually sometimes behave a little arrogantly. Try to treat others as equals and not the way you treat them now.

The horse

At the moment, something is restricting you and limiting your freedom. Perhaps you are chasing your boss through the office shouting, "Vacation! I want a vacation!" Calm down. Everyone wants a break. But now it is necessary to keep calm and show endurance and efficiency which the animal chosen by you is famous for.

The swan

You are in love. That's the reason why everything around you seems wonderful, including the grumpy cashier who's not only dissatisfied with her personal life, but also with the personal lives of each buyer in the line. It is a wonderful period - try to extend it, if not for a couple of months, then at least until you receive your salary.

The penguin

How did you manage to see it? Look again - there is no penguin. Do you still see it? Blame your rich imagination that amazes your friends and confuses people who meet you for the first time.

Which animal did you see? Please share your results in the comments! And we wonder - was Jung was right in your case?


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I actually saw them altogether can't decide which one is first


I saw the horse , lion , dog and cat at the first time . What does that mean ?


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