The 10 Best Wireless Earbuds for 2022

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The first-ever headphones were invented in 1891, but they have come a long way since then. Today, not only can we get superior sound, but also, with wireless devices, no cables will get in our way. Whether you use them to get some privacy during video calls, watch movies, or gaming, it’s always important to check the reviews. First-hand experience will give you the most promising results, and you might get the best wireless earbuds for less money than you thought.

We at Bright Side checked out so many different headphones and earbuds to create this list, and we chose the ones with the highest ratings and the best reviews on Amazon.

1. Waterproof wireless earbuds that are great for sports

Buy them on Amazon here

Amazon’s choice

These earbuds provide amazing sound and even have 43% more bass. And because they are waterproof, they are protected from rain, sweat, and splashes of water. This makes them perfect for traveling and when working out.

Promising review:

  • I 100% recommend them! You cannot go wrong with these wireless earbuds — These headphones are super light and fit absolutely perfectly in my ears. The battery lasts up to 6.30 hrs, definitely more than I expected, but with the charging case, I can go almost a week without charging them.
    Also, the charging case is very compact. I have tried many headphones, such as Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus, as well as AirPods, but the sound quality and loudness of these headphones are mind-blowing for the price. I definitely recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but wants to get amazing sound quality. — Farzan

2. Enjoy some me time with these noise-canceling wireless earbuds.

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With simple touch control, these earbuds are great for daily use. Plus, with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology, you’ll get high-quality sound, while the design will provide durability.

Promising review:

  • The best wireless earbuds — I have had a pair of these buds for months in red. They’re nice to look at, and I always get comments about them, but the sound is also great. They’re comfortable, and the charge lasts amazingly long. I think I’ve charged them twice since I had them. They’re connected to my tablet for evening viewing, so I thought I’d get some (these blue ones) for my phone. Good value wireless earbuds. — Paula R.

3. Listen to your favorite songs with the deep bass and premium sound these wireless earbuds provide.

Buy them on Amazon here

#1 best seller

Thanks to the charging case, these earbuds will give you 30 hours of playtime without having to charge them. Plus, because the buds are waterproof, they can be part of your daily workout.

Promising review:

  • Great quality wireless earbuds — I have to say these earbuds are great quality and comfortable to wear. They worked straight out of the box, and you can even charge the box with a QI wireless charging pad or through the cable. It has different-sized earbuds for comfort. If you’re thinking of buying some, then just spend a little bit more and buy these because the sound quality is great. — Ian

4. Powerful and smart earbuds compatible with all AI assistants

Buy these wireless earbuds on Amazon here.

Active noise cancellation

Even though they’re small, these earbuds produce great sound. They are also great for calls since they suppress wind and other environmental noise. In the package, you’ll get 5 different-sized ear tips, so you’ll be able to find your match easily.

Promising review:

  • WOW — These are an absolutely stunning set of earbuds by JBL. I have several JBL products, including in my motorcycle helmet as speakers for my Cardo Packtalk. I have spent many years in nightclubs and many years on motorbikes, so the old flappers have taken a bit of punishment.
    They sound very clear and have very good bass. The app is easy and straightforward. They are a good fit in the ear too. One little teeny weeny gripe is that they are a little too sensitive (you can forward/rewind/pause just by touching the earbud), so it’s very easy to mess up the track you are listening to. But, like most things, you get used to it.  Amazon Customer

5. Look stylish with these modern wireless earbuds.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Very comfortable

It’s really awesome how much quality you can get for one of the cheapest wireless earbuds on Amazon. If the buds are charged once a day, the case battery will last about a month.

Promising reviews:

  • You must buy this product — I bought this product a few weeks ago and recently put them into the washing machine by mistake. To my absolute surprise, they still work. The best money ever spent. — Dylan Butler
  • Great purchase — Very good for running, and they work great! It’s quick to charge and easy to use with the iPhone! I was thinking that, since they are cheap, they wouldn’t be as good as my other ones, but now I highly recommend these wireless earbuds! — Carly Jay

6. Listen to your favorite songs with the immersive 3D sound.

Buy the LG earbuds on Amazon here.

UV nano charging case

LG has really outdone themselves — they’ve made wireless earbuds that are super practical. The best part is that the UV light in the charging case destroys 99% of the bacteria. Aside from that, there is no doubt that you can use these buds for listening to music and also for making clear calls without the effect of environmental noise.

Promising review:

  • If you are thinking about it, do it! Brilliant wireless earbuds — These buds are seriously good! Loud but not “tinny,” good on bass but not distorted, and most of all I love the ANC — It is superb! (I also love the fact that you can set different levels of ANC via the LG App.)
    They also offer a slightly improved design which is even more comfortable in your ear (if that was possible!)
    Battery life is amazing, and even when you are running low, you have the powered case to give you that battery boost!
    I would seriously recommend them. — lee

7. Practical wireless earbuds that are compatible with many different devices

Buy these simple earbuds on Amazon here

Excellent music quality

These earbuds are great for everyday use as they are easy to connect. With a single charge, they can last up to 5 hours, and with the case, even 30 hours.

Promising review:

  • Brilliant little wireless earbuds. Freedom at last — I loved the fact that you can listen to your music anywhere, even out in the garden or walking the dog. So clear and discrete, but leaving you free to converse with others and not infringe on others’ privacy. Where were they before the clumsy wired earphones that got lost and tangled? Brilliant and a very good price. The sound is much better than on the phone, and the charging unit is a handy way to store the earbuds. — Smokey

8. Comfortable wireless earbuds for everyday use

Buy this pair on Amazon here

LED display

While cheaper devices are not expected to provide great quality, these buds will surprise you. Not only will you get great sound, but just a few seconds after taking the buds out, you can start listening to music or making calls.

Promising review:

  • Actually really good — Super quick to pair. They have a good depth of sound, treble’s crisp, and the bass is deep. Feel the decent quality and have a sturdy, solid design. Comfy in the ear. For the money, they’re fab. Strongly recommend it. Just buy them now. — MissJD

9. Flexible secure fitting earbuds from Beats

Buy the wireless Beats earbuds on Amazon here

Sweat resistant

These earbuds not only promise a balanced and powerful sound, but they are also comfortable to wear. Plus, with the active noise cancellation feature, you’ll get the privacy you need when listening to music, watching movies, or making calls.

Promising review:

  • The sports earbuds — The wing tips help secure the bud in-ear, and they sit just well enough in the canal for a great seal...but not too much that it’s intrusive and painful (like some can be).
    I tested the sound out before going outside — fantastic. They provide deep bass with good mids, and when I listen to metal or dance when working out, the sound comes out great.
    I went on a 4K run and was surprised at just how well these things sat in my ears...and by sat I mean they didn’t budge. Even after I began sweating...nothing. And the noise cancellation was phenomenal...even when I was running.
    Very, very good earbuds — perfect for shutting out the world and getting your reps in or running ’til you keel over. — Kev

10. Earbuds with customizable settings for using with the JBL App for an even better experience

Buy the JBL earbuds on Amazon here

Light design

These JBL earbuds will give you pure bass without any environmental noise disturbing you while you enjoy your songs. And with the rechargeable case, you’ll get 40 hours of playtime.

Promising review:

  • A decent set of earbuds — These earphones are a little on the expensive side, but they’re better than my previous pair because they broke in the same way each time. So this time I wanted to get a decent set, and boy was I impressed with how they felt. The battery life on them is pretty long and the sound quality is pretty good. The noise cancellation is decent as well. — Tjone

Bonus: Top 5 wireless headphones

1. Connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with these high-quality headphones.

Buy these stylish headphones on Amazon here

Hi-Res sound

These headphones have super soft earcups that will fit your ears perfectly. And the lightweight build will make sure that they’ll stay comfortably for a long time. One of the best features that these headphones have is that you can connect to 2 devices at the same time, and you can switch between music and calls without reconnecting.

Promising review:

  • Comfortable and good sound quality — I bought these as a backup for my Sennheiser 4.50s, but I think they will replace them as my primary Bluetooth headphones.
    The noise-canceling is better by a long way than the Sennheiser 4.50s, especially on the indoor model. They suppress a wider frequency range. As for the sound quality, it is very good. I found the acoustic preset in the app to be best for the kind of music I listen to.
    They are comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the battery life is very good. The Bluetooth range is at least 10 meters in my home. — Trev-R

2. Have clear calls anywhere and anytime.

Buy the PowerLocus headphones on Amazon here

8 designs available

The PowerLocus headphones are designed with all the essential features like durability, comfort, design, and sound. Get these affordable, yet high-quality headphones for an awesome experience.

Promising review:

  • Awesome headphones for the price — I’ve had a few different wireless over-ear headphones, and these are by far the best I’ve had so far. And for the price, I don’t think you can beat it. They outperformed some branded, more expensive ones I’ve had in terms of sound quality. They are crisp, clear, and have a nice solid base tone.
    You can also crank them up, and they are more than loud enough, without them distorting, as some headphones do. The noise cancellation definitely works, although they don’t quite give you the active cancellation some top-end headphones give you, but when there’s a £200+ difference, this can be forgiven. All around, they are amazing quality, and can’t be beaten in terms of the price you pay. I would highly recommend them. — Laura & Mark

3. Rapid charging headphones with an active noise cancelling feature

Buy these cool headphones on Amazon here

10-minute charge

These headphones promise high-quality sound and a microphone. But if you want extra quality, you need to download the app and get the settings that suit your needs the most. Also, it’s super easy to change tracks, adjust volume, and more with the simple buttons.

Promising reviews:

  • Brilliant and not just for the price — The sound quality is excellent for music and calls. Noise-cancelling is slightly less than the top market brands, but still very good. Having press-type buttons rather than touch is no issue at all. — Manfred
  • Brilliant quality — My 11-year-old son bought these for himself with the birthday money he saved, so it was quite a lot for him to spend, but they didn’t disappoint. The noise cancellation is so good that we have trouble getting his attention when he is using them. The sound quality is excellent! My husband went and bought himself a cheaper pair and has regretted it ever since! — 
    Emily Kennedy

4. Wireless over-ear headphones that will sit comfortably on your ears

Buy these comfortable headphones on Amazon here

Soft earmuffs

They are amazing headphones that produce high-quality sound thanks to HD sound technology. You’ll definitely be able to enjoy your clear and crisp music with strong bass.

Promising review:

  • Very good value for the money and very stylish — Fantastic headphones for the money! Pretty color, comfortable, nice crisp sound. They are easy to sync with Bluetooth and have the very handy feature of answering calls while wearing them when connected to your phone. Brilliant carry/tidy case with a clip to hook onto bags or jeans.
    My teenage daughter adores these and rarely takes them off now. She is usually a “brands” and “labels” slave, so her approval is a compliment.
    These would make a fantastic gift too, although there is no box, just bubble wrap packaging. — redgremlin442

5. Foldable over-ear wireless headphones with 40 hours of playtime

Buy these foldable headphones on Amazon here

Long-lasting battery

Aside from getting high-quality sound and a mic, you’ll also get hours of comfort. This is thanks to the ear cushions that are softly padded and that deliver a perfect fit no matter the size of your head. That makes these headphones great for all ages.

Promising review:

  • Brilliant value for the money — Excellent quality that far exceeds its price bracket. Comfortable and with great sound. They’re easy to use and the controls on the side are simple to master.
    Bluetooth, radio, and SD cards for all your music requirements. It has a great battery life and comes with a charging cable. It can be used with an AUX cable too. — Philip Stevenson

What do you use headphones for the most? Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?

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