The 11 Best Advent Calendars to Buy in 2022 on Black Friday

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Christmas will be here in the wink of an eye. Are you ready to start counting down the days? It may be surprising, but this tradition has been practiced in Germany since the nineteenth century, and candy calendars date back more than 70 years. Incredible, right?

Here are the best advent calendars from this year’s Black Friday sale to make your December magical and brighten up every day with an unexpected surprise.

1. Start your day with the coziness of making yourself a cup of hot tea and trying a new flavor every day for 24 days. With this advent calendar, you’ll find new combinations of flavors you haven’t even heard of before and will definitely find something to your liking.

  • Fully recyclable
  • 24 unique flavors
  • 48 herbal tea sachets

Promising review:

I received this beautiful advent calendar in a very short time. It is very big and sublime! It smells very good too, which lets you imagine tasty teas/herbal teas! The packaging is recyclable and/or compostable at home, which makes it a responsible gift, in addition to all its other attributes! The price is completely justified by the quality of this calendar of 48 organic and fair trade tea bags. Awesome brand! I plan to give it to relatives this Christmas. @ Sam Wiggett

2. If you’re a coffee person, there is something for you as well. It’s a coffee advent calendar with aluminum capsules. What’s more, it’s Friends themed, so it will make an amazing gift for a fan of the series! You will be able to start your day with a cup of coffee and try out new flavors and different roasts of coffee for 24 days.

  • Suitable for vegans
  • No added sugar
  • Compatible with Nespresso Original machines

Promising review:

I wanted to try these for the different flavors of coffee pods as opposed to the advent calendar aspect.
This gift is branded with the Friends logo and contains references to the main characters and Central Perk (their favorite coffee shop) on the box. Its Friends association has no doubt bumped the price up compared to a non-sponsored selection. These are also not official Nespresso pods but are Nespresso-compatible pods by Caffeluxe Ltd.

The coffee pods are aluminum, which is good. You get no flavor escaping, and they fit my Sage Nespresso coffee maker perfectly, not getting stuck or breaking.
The pods produced a reasonable crema and a very nice aroma. The caramel toffee flavor particularly stands out. The coffee itself seems to have a good flavor.

For $20, you get 24 pods, so 3 of the 8 are different varieties. This is maybe slightly more expensive than expected in the gift form that it arrives in, and definitely far more expensive than expected if you were just thinking about the cost of the pods.
I received this box in October 2021, and the best-before date is March 2023, which is very good.

Overall, a nice, varied selection of Nespresso-compatible coffees, particularly appealing to Friends fans.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I hope you found it helpful. @ P. Sharpe

3. The thrill of a new toy usually lasts a few hours, but with this advent calendar, your youngster may actually enjoy building a toy for 24 days. And by Christmas Eve, there will be a whole Christmas ball scene ready.

  • Includes 93 pieces with instructions
  • Suitable for children aged 4+

Promising review:

Very cute and original. The only flaw: the cardboard scene is too light, so I reinforced it with a piece of cardboard underneath so that it can be moved with all the accessories inside without damaging it. @ FEDRIGO C.

4. Does your kid enjoy video games? If so, this Fortnite-themed advent calendar will be a hit. It’s a very simple way to make your child extremely happy because, by Christmas Night, there will be a whopping collection of 24 figurines.

  • Each toy figure is approximately 2 inches tall.
  • For kids aged 3+

Promising review:

My 8-year-old son loves it! We opened our first box today, and the figure is super cute and nicely made. @Amazon Customer

5. This advent calendar will make the entire family happy because, let’s admit it, everyone likes Kinder chocolate. What’s more, it will look fantastic under the Christmas tree while also providing you with a variety of chocolates.

  • Contains 24 delicious Kinder Mix chocolates
  • Weighs just over 8 ounces

Promising review:

This calendar is awesome! Such good value for money! It’s more interesting than standard chocolate advent calendars with its lovely shape, and the chocolates inside are a great variety of Kinder ones, so it’s really exciting for the kids! It’s ideal for both a 4 and a 10-year-old, and they both adore it! @s_k_d

6. The Barbie is a classic, and that’s not even a question. Therefore, when buying this toy, you’ll know for sure that it’ll stay relevant for decades. From this advent calendar, you can get a Barbie and collect a set of outfits by opening them day by day for 24 days.

  • One Barbie doll is included.
  • It comes with 24 clothing and accessory pieces for the doll.

Promising review:

Fast delivery and fantastic calendar. @Tammy Leigh Wood

7. This fun advent calendar will make your little bookworm happy. It contains short stories for every day, which you can keep around even after the holidays.

  • Includes 24 mini illustrated children’s books

Promising review:

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this Mr. Men and Little Miss advent calendar for my 3-year-old, who loves books as much as I do. The calendar was bigger than I expected and arrived in perfect condition. The books are small in size but contain actual stories that take a couple of minutes to read. The books are not behind doors but in small pockets, which is better because the calendar stays neat and is easy to open and close. We are very happy with this calendar! @Henna

8. Welcome guests into your kitchen with a tea advent calendar hung on the wall. You can invite them to choose tea from as many as 24 flavors. Everyone will be able to find something to their taste in a range of citrusy, floral, sweet, and spicy flavors.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Contains 24 tea blends

Promising review:

I was expecting probably 12 different flavors, so 2 doubles before you get to Christmas, but there are 24 different flavors! This was a fun gift for a tea lover, and it was especially neat for them to get to try new flavors they wouldn’t normally choose for themselves in a store. Some of the flavors are pretty unique, and the licorice ones weren’t a huge hit just because of personal preference. The apple cinnamon was amazing, and I also liked the elderberry. @Lisa

9. December is just the perfect month to, once again, rewatch The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. While you’re watching movies after work, you can assemble this advent pop-up calendar. From this book, you can build a cardboard Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments, which you will discover by opening the doors over the course of 25 days.

  • Contains a 28-page guidebook with fascinating facts about Halloween Town and its residents

Promising review:

I really liked this pop-up advent book; if you’re a The Nightmare Before Christmas fan, you won’t be disappointed. My kids looked forward to opening a new door and seeing what character they had each day! I am going to put them back in different doors and bring them out next year! I thought it was a nice touch to include The Nightmare Before Christmas small character book. I will keep this for years to come! @Chase 123

10. This advent calendar is absolutely unique. It has 24 gemstones to open each day, so you can feel like a real geologist. More information about the crystals can be found on the package. After 24 days, you will have a complete collection in your hands. How cool is that? This gift is perfect for both adults and children.

  • On the final day, you can dig out a special crystal yourself.
  • A collector’s pouch is included.
  • The set also includes 5 jewelry settings to create your own jewelry.

Promising review:

Overall, a fantastic set for kids interested in geology/rocks/gems, with a minor shortcoming. This advent calendar was a big hit with my rock/gem-loving 6-year-old. I must say it was fun for me as well. There are 24 types of gemstones included in this set, all of which are very cool. The box has an identification page to help determine which is which.

There is one thing I didn’t care for: the storage bag that is included will not fit all the rock specimens in this set. This was pretty disappointing. Overall, this is a quality set with a lot of nice gemstones to add to any collection. Would recommend. @V

11. Marvel fans, this one’s for you! Collect figures of your favorite characters in the 24 days before Christmas with this amazing advent calendar.

  • 24 surprises in different pop pockets

Promising review:

It is an amazing advent calendar with mini pops. You essentially get 24 mini-pops. It arrived today for my nephew, and I’m really impressed with the value. For something so small, there is a lot of detail. A must-have for Marvel fans! @Tiff G

What kind of person are you — one who opens all the numbers on the calendar on the same day, or one who patiently opens the windows every day?

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Preview photo credit F.Gongora / Amazon, Tiff G / Amazon


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