The 11 most spectacular Christmas trees from around the world

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No matter whether it’s cold or hot where you live right now, Christmas is still long-awaited and joyful holiday for many of us, and it’s getting closer and closer. Certainly, it’s difficult to imagine this wonderful celebration coming to pass without one of its main symbol: a beautiful and unique Christmas tree. Every year, many cities around the world seek to create a unique design for their Christmas trees to impress both tourists and locals.

Bright Side took a look at what’s on offer this year in different corners of the world, and put together this collection of the most beautiful Christmas trees that really impressed us.

Paris, France

This twenty-five-metre-long, upside-down Christmas tree decorates a French shopping center, Galeries Lafayette.

Melbourne, Australia

This one was built out of over half a million Lego bricks. Incredible!

Vilnius, Lithuania

An unusual but charming design for the national Christmas tree in Cathedral Square.

New York, USA

The extravagant opening of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Traditional and stylish!

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Thanks to its size and unique nature, this tree entered the Guinness Book of Records. Nearly 3,000 people participated in its creation.

Gubbio, Italy

The residents of Gubbio are lucky enough to be able to see this enormous Christmas tree from anywhere in their city. Located on Mount Ingino, this beautiful design is more than 650 meters tall. It entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1991.

Taipei, Taiwan

The height of this truly unique tree, which was made using LED lights, is about 36 meters. A month before the holiday, there’s a light show here every half hour after sunset.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio boasts the largest Christmas tree in the world — at an incredible 82 metres in height. It’s built on a floating platform in the middle of lake Lagoa. Each year, the tree is decorated in a different way, and light shows and fireworks are also organised according to the themes of the year.

Washington, USA

This is the national Christmas tree in the USA. To reach the capital, the tree had to make a long journey from Alaska, traveling around 7,000 kilometres.

Byblos, Lebanon

This thirty-five-metre-high construction is located in the oldest port in the world.

Turin, Italy

This highly original and beautiful Christmas tree is located in Piazza Castello.


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