The 8 Discounted Kitchen Utensils You Never Knew You Needed

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Cooking is an activity that takes time and can help with stress relief, and investing in the right gear helps speed up the process. Not only will these kitchen items make your cooking more enjoyable, but they’ll make it easier.

Here are 8 kitchenware items that can make your cooking routine easier.

1. These bear meat claws are a great way to feel like a real predator while effortlessly carving meat.

These useful meat claws, which come with a serrated knife, a bottle opener, and a blade, will be useful for both chopping meat and doing other tasks around the kitchen, like peeling fruit or slicing.

  • Fantastic for pulling meat. I bought these to use on a brisket I wanted to smoke on the BBQ. They were brilliant and made pulling the meat apart an absolute breeze.
    They also allowed me to act out all my childish Wolverine fantasies, so double thumbs up! @Buckles
  • Handy and effective kitchen tools at a reasonable price. These meat claws are a great product that I can highly recommend as a useful gadget for anyone’s kitchen.
    The product feels sturdy and strong enough to tackle the biggest and toughest cuts of meat if required. It’s also very comfy in the hand.
    The claws made very easy work of pulling a smoked pork shoulder and shredding the meat quickly. The side blade also came in handy to cut the butcher’s string around the meat. The claws also have a small bone saw on the side, which, when tested on the shoulder, appeared to make good progress.
    Most importantly, the bottle opener came in very handy to open beers, making it a great addition to any kitchen. @Dr. J. E. Cast

2. A roomy turntable cupboard organizer helps you organize your kitchen space and gives you access to all your condiments and sauces.

They help you save space anywhere—on shelves, when setting the table, and even in the refrigerator. The low walls will make it easy to access all the items you place on it, and the non-slip surface will ensure safety.

  • Everyone needs these. I use these in my fridge for sauces and jars. My partner said they would be too bulky and take up too much space, but they don’t — they maximize the space and allow you to find things much easier. You could also use them in the bathroom or your makeup cabinet. In fact, you could use them anywhere you require a bit of organization. @Tjmac
  • Gem of a gadget. What a super little item. So much easier than rummaging around a cupboard shelf, pushing things out of the way, and occasionally knocking them out of the cupboard.
    You can fit quite a lot on it i.e., salt, pepper, spices jars, pill containers, etc.
    Wish I had purchased it years ago.
    I purchased 2 and gave one to my daughter-in-law when she spotted my one, and she also loves it as much as I do. @Karen White

3. A butter dish with a built-in knife makes a great addition to cooking or a simple breakfast, and helps to keep butter fresh.

This butter jar may be easily washed in the dishwasher and put in the refrigerator or microwave without any issues. And any family member will find the nice knife that’s included to be useful.

  • Adulting like a pro. There are things in life that we should all strive for, a secure job, a loving home, success for our children, and being mature enough to own a butter dish.
    Once you’ve furnished your kitchen with more tech than a NASA rocket, you’ve mastered the art of hanging a dozen spice racks, there is only one thing left to do... BUY A BUTTER DISH. A good quality butter dish separates the men from the boys, and this butter dish meets those criteria, and then some. Having used the little knife once, I can honestly say it is about as useful as asking a vegan cat to catch mice, but lurking underneath is a cheeky surprise that I hope is not an accident.
    So, if you’re ready to be the grown-up in your kitchen, get yourself this butter dish. @Martin

4. This simple fish-shaped scraper quickly and easily descales your fish.

This is an easy-to-store, easy-to-clean fish gadget that everyone can handle. The funny shape of the fish reflects its purpose, so there is no question as to what it is for, and thanks to the quality materials, it will last a long time.

  • Fantastic little kitchen helper! So useful — mine was bought for me years ago. I wouldn’t be without it. I just bought one for my daughter-in-law, who was having a hard time scaling the fish my little grandson loves so much. A must-have if you love fresh fish! @Mme Hustwayte
  • Small but mighty! Yesterday was my first time using it.
    Am so glad I bought it because, when it arrived I looked at it, and thought it will damage the fish skin whilst using it. Due to the way it was made, to my surprise, no, it didn’t. Very easy to use and easy to clean too. Just run the tap over it, and all the scales will come off. Depending on how you place the fish, the scales don’t go everywhere.
    Nice little kitchen utensil 💯 @SMILER

5. This egg smasher will not only come in handy for doing its job but will also be great for your kitchen aesthetic.

This masher will be a joy to use thanks to its interesting shape and will be more relevant when working with different types of products.

  • Does the job and handy. Handy little masher. I use it to mash my baby’s food, like potatoes, eggs, or maybe other veggies. I chose this because of its size, since a baby’s portions are so small that a normal potato masher would be too big for this. @KC
  • Such a handy little gadget. I bought this for my husband because he likes eating egg sandwiches, and it’s been such a time-saving little gadget. It makes mashing up eggs so fast, so when he’s in a rush to make an egg sandwich for lunch, this makes the process faster and easier. It is extremely simple to clean and dishwasher safe. @Maria

6. Great quality tool for boosting the coffee-making and preserving process.

When stored properly, coffee can stay delicious and fresh for up to 10 years! This tool is made of good wood, giving you the freedom to secure any size pack of coffee. The neat shape will not harm your pack and will keep the flavor fresh.

  • Perfect tool. Very functional 7-gram scoop and bag clip.
    I bought this for my Swan espresso machine because the scoop that came with it was not a 7-gram scoop.
    I use this to measure my Costa ground coffee. Since using it, the taste has been more consistent. @Luke
  • Excellent quality and a great stocking stuffer. I bought one of these for my grown-up son to go in his Christmas stocking, and I was so pleased with the quality and design that I then bought 4 more for other family members too! The coffee clip spoon is made of lovely pale wood. It’s a good size and weight. It comes wrapped in tissue paper in a nice box (no plastic at all, which is a huge bonus for me!). It’s made in the UK, which I love too. I think it’s a lovely, useful, well-designed gift at such a reasonable price. I’d happily recommend it. @SewSewMummy

7. A cool tool for creating fun and interesting snacks for kids and adults.

Themed lollipops can be a great addition to your kitchen, and they are convenient to store due to their small size. Their interesting shapes can bring joy to both adults and children.

  • Adorable, fun and very easy to use. The shapes and sizes are great for small kids. My little one enjoys the ice lollies, which are always perfect. The set is easy to clean, fill, and remove lollipops from — I always push the lollipops out from the bottom of the mold rather than pulling them out to avoid any breakage. I would recommend it, and I would definitely be interested in purchasing more. @christine
  • Amazing, kids love them. If you’re struggling to get your kids to eat enough fruit and vegetables, these are the solution. Kids can’t get enough of these fruit smoothie lollies — the only downside is that they take up a lot of freezer space, but they’re definitely worth it. @sharon lasek

8. The gadget that gives you easy access to any kind of spices that you need.

Spices not only improve the taste of food but are also a good source of vitamins B and C, iron, calcium, and other antioxidants. Spice up your cooking process with this spinning jar holder that provides easy access.

  • Love this! Really easy to use, the turner works really well, and they’re quick to take off and put back on when cooking. It also looks good, of course! I got it half price, so it’s a perfect value. It’s quite pricey at full price, but that’s the brand! @Esther
  • Excellent spice rack. A great pre-filled spice and herb rack. The jars hook on, look great, and arrived quickly. Slightly more expensive, but well worth it. People keep asking where I got it. @cutie pie

What is the handiest thing in your kitchen? What do you want to purchase while it’s on sale?

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