“The Filler Scares Me,” Lionel Richie’s Changed Face Stirs Debate Online

3 weeks ago

Online users are wondering if Lionel Richie had plastic surgery after noticing changes in his appearance in a recent video, despite his claim of never having had any work done.

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Lionel Richie gave an interview in which he expressed his joy about becoming a grandfather again. His daughter, Sofia Richie Grainge, had just given birth to a baby girl, and Lionel couldn’t contain his excitement.

He affectionately referred to his newborn granddaughter as a “diva” in the video. Lionel has always been vocal about how much he loves being a grandfather, and his enthusiasm in the video caught the attention of many online, sparking a debate about his endearing nickname for the baby.

Previously, Lionel Richie had expressed his thoughts on becoming a grandfather, mentioning that it was an exciting adventure for him. However, he had stated that he wasn’t particularly fond of being called “grandpa” and preferred the nickname “Pop-pop” instead.

Even though Lionel’s message was sweet, lots of folks online were more into talking about how he looked in the video than what he was saying. Social media lit up with comments, with people wondering if Lionel had done something to his face or if it was just the lighting.

Some people were genuinely worried, saying things like, “What did he do to his face?” Others were just plain shocked, asking, “Did he mess with his face?” And there were those who noticed a change, saying, “Yeah, he does look a bit different.”

“The filler scares me...put the syringe down my man,” someone wrote in the comment sections, while another noticed, “Botox and fillers...men do it too.”

“He messed his face up with all those fillers a while ago,” another person commented, hinting that Lionel might have been getting cosmetic work done for a while. This caught many off guard, especially since the country singer had previously claimed he never touched his face. So, seeing him look different now left a lot of people shocked.

It’s possible he did something to his face, but what’s clear here is that the famous celeb is surrounded by love, especially for his girlfriend, who’s 40 years younger than him.


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