“That Kind of Luck Is Too Good to Be True.” Maggie Smith Was Married for 23 Years and Decided Not to Remarry

Maggie Smith and Beverley Cross’s love story was one that captivated the hearts of many. Their unwavering devotion to each other, despite the obstacles and challenges of fame and the acting industry, proved their love story was written in the stars and meant to be all along. As they fought to keep their romance alive, they were able to build a life together that lasted for 23 beautiful years.

Maggie Smith met Beverley Cross when she was 18 years old.

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Beverley Cross was a celebrated playwright and screenwriter, known for masterpieces like One More River and Half a Sixpence. But his greatest love story was the one he wrote with Maggie Smith.

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The couple first crossed paths in 1952 when they were both attending a student revue in Oxford, where Cross was a student. The playwright was immediately captivated by the 18-year-old Smith. Despite being married to another Oxford classmate, Elizabeth Clunies-Ross, Cross couldn’t shake the feeling that Smith was the one for him. He knew it was love at first sight and proposed quickly to her.

However, the process of getting a divorce from his wife proved to be lengthy, and Cross begged Smith to wait for him. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Smith met and got married to fellow actor Robert Stephens.

8 years after they tied the knot, Smith and Stephens divorced.

Smith’s life with Stephens was a happy one in the early years of their marriage. They were blessed with 2 children, Chris Larkin and Toby, who both followed in their parents’ footsteps and pursued a career in the film industry. However, as time went on, the relationship between Smith and Stephens became increasingly difficult, and they ultimately decided to end their marriage in 1975.

Smith and Cross’s paths crossed again, and an old flame was reignited.

At the time, Cross was married to model Collins, but he swiftly filed for a divorce and the couple was able to marry in the same year. Cross stepped in as a father figure for Smith’s 2 sons and helped raise them alongside her.

Throughout their relationship, Cross was a constant source of support and stability for the often reclusive and shy Smith. She once remarked on her luck to have found Cross again, saying, “I’m remarkably fortunate. When you meet again someone you should have married in the first place, it’s like a script. That kind of luck is too good to be true.”

Their happy union lasted for 23 years.

Cross passed away in 1998 at the age of 66, leaving Smith heartbroken. The actress has been open about the depth of her grief following the passing of her husband, and in interviews, she has spoken candidly about the void that his loss has left in her life, saying, “I don’t know. It seems a bit pointless. Going on one’s own and not having someone to share it with.”

She has also shared that she thinks of him every day and that he will always hold a special place in her heart. Despite the passing of time, the love and memories she shared with Cross continue to be a source of comfort and inspiration to her.

At the age of 88, Smith is still single and doesn’t plan to remarry.

Even after 25 years, Smith continues to deeply feel the loss of her husband. In an interview, she candidly shared her feelings, saying, “I still miss him so much it’s ridiculous. People say it gets better, but it doesn’t. It just gets different, that’s all.”

When asked about the possibility of remarrying or dating again, she replied, “Absolutely not. I don’t think I would find anyone who could come anywhere near Bev.” The actress acknowledges that she has not been able to fully fill the void left by her husband’s passing. She says, “It’s awful, but what do you do? After the busyness, you are more alone, much more. A day that is absolutely crowded keeps your mind away from why you are alone, but when it stops, that is the deafening silence.”

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