The Rock’s New Wax Figure Was Revealed and People Are Making Fun of It

8 months ago

Dwayne Johnson has recently achieved a new milestone in his career — a wax figure of him has been unveiled at the renowned Grévin Museum in Paris. But the reactions aren’t the best ones.

The lifelike portrayal of the Jumanji star, sporting a casual blue collared t-shirt and navy pants with crossed arms, has attracted an enthusiastic queue of fans eager to snap a picture beside The Rock.

While some fans were thrilled, others couldn’t help but express their critiques. On social media, comments ranged from concerns about the sculpture’s likeness to comparisons with other celebrities like Mr. Clean and Channing Tatum rather than the Fast X actor himself. “There’s something not right about the sculpt,” said one Instagram user.

It was reported that Dwayne Johnson was chosen over a list of other notable names, including Ariana Grande, Tom Holland, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, Elon Musk, Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, and Margot Robbie.

Other failed wax figures

Harry Styles

Similarly, recent waxwork figures of Harry Styles, dressed in a green double-breasted suit and a rainbow sequinned jumpsuit, were met with mixed reviews. While some fans expressed excitement, others pointed out discrepancies in the portrayal, from his facial features to the accuracy of his tattoos. A few even commented on the choice of accessories, expressing their opinions on the inclusion of pearls and concerns about the portrayal of his physique.


Beyoncé’s wax figures often fall short, perhaps struggling to capture her flawless essence. While some faced criticism for appearing too white, this particular one’s issue lies in its awkward and ungraceful depiction, characteristics that have never defined Beyoncé.

Selena Gomez

Despite being just 31, Selena Gomez’s wax figure appears to be styled as if she were at least 48. Looks like Wax Selena might just make an appearance at the scrapbooking class.


Californians wig might have made a comeback, this time perched atop Thor’s head.

Kim Kardashian

Regardless of what one may say about the real Kim’s contoured face, it’s evident her eyes aren’t crossed, and her natural hairline rests slightly higher. Well, at least they managed to capture her hairstyle somewhat accurately.

Naomi Campbell

We’re uncertain how one can transform one of the world’s most iconic supermodels into this, yet here we are.

In a world where the art of wax figure creation is intended to immortalize the essence of our most revered icons, failed attempts are a stark reminder of the challenges in replicating human perfection. Despite advancements in technology and artistry, these wax figure missteps highlight how delicate it is to capture the essence of a real-life person.


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