The Top 13 Traditional Indian Dishes of 2022

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Indian cuisine is well-known worldwide because Indians are skilled at combining spices and flavors. Their culinary wit is unrivaled, and their food is always aromatic and tasty. That is why most of the dishes are popular and enjoyed by others. Whether it is a traditional Indian meal or not, those spices will wake you up.

At Bright Side, we compiled some of the Indian food out there, and some of these meals made our mouths water!

1. Oats Idli

To start off, Oats Idli is a popular Indian all-day meal. It is made with oats, and it is a light dish that is best paired with chutney and sambar. It’s good for a person who wants to diet and include this in their daily and nutritional menu since it’s low-calorie.

2. Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a meal that came from Maharashtra, which is the second-most populated state in India. But even crowded with people, delicious dishes are made here. Misal is a spicy curry that is made out of moth beans, and pav is a kind of bread roll. This is garnished with onions, lemons, coriander, vegetables, and spices. Even though this is a breakfast item, it is still full of nutrition.

Just a little useful information. Though misal pav looks like a full meal, and it depends on how many and how much of a portion you get, but one serving is about 289 calories. A great Indian cheat meal for a whole week or even a little treat and a good way to start your day.

3. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is a breakfast item, and it is bread made out of whole wheat flour, mashed potatoes, herbs, and spices. It originated from the Punjab, India region of South Asia. This is typically served with butter and a side dish of pickles, onions, or yogurt.

Aloo Paratha is low in calories, but it depends on how much you eat. What’s great about this bread is that it is a perfect pairing with any Indian dishes out there. It is a great complementary or side dish to make a meal complete and full of nutrition.

4. Tandoori Chicken

Moving on with Indian food that is good for lunch and dinner. Tandoori chicken is a popular Indian dish that originated in the Punjab Province. The chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices and then roasted in a tandoor, which is a clay oven. This food is popular worldwide, and this is served with onions and other vegetables.

A little trivia about the tandoor oven. It originated from Rajasthan and has already been used since 2,600 B.C. It is made out of clay and Indian people use it to cook a lot of dishes. Because of this huge hole, the oven can maintain high heat for a long period of time without adding any fuel. It is money-saving and more meals can be made throughout the day.

5. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa has a lot of variations in India. It is a good breakfast or snack, made out of rice, lentils, potato, ghee, other spices, and vegetables. The texture is like a crispy crepe with a lot of choices to put inside, but if people want it plain — it is called plain dosa. It is typically served with chutney and sambar.

Masala Dosa has a lot of tales about why it was invented, but one of those tales came from the king of Mysore. The king hosted a huge party for the people, but after the party was finished, he noticed there was a lot of food still left, that’s why he called his chefs to fill out the plain dosa with leftover potatoes and spices.

6. Samosas

Samosas are either baked or fried, depending on the preference of the customer. It is filled up with different spices and ingredients such as potatoes, peas, onions, and other vegetables. Indian or not, it is a great snack or side dish since it’s considered to be finger food.

The shape of samosas differs depending on the region. The word samosa was derived from the Hindi word meaning triangular pastry. And this treat can be found all over India — at grocery stores and even on the street.

7. Dal tadka

Dal tadka is a dish made with lentils and other spices, and it is best consumed like a soup, by dipping bread into it, or adding other stuff to it. Since Indian people are innovative in terms of food, new combinations arise often, and they’re always tasty.

This broth is cooked over a long period of time while adding spices, which makes it delicious. The dish originated from Punjab and has been part of the popular dishes all over India because it is tasty and healthy.

8. Biryani

Biryani is one of the best Indian foods out there. It is a rice dish made with beef, lamb, chicken, and other kinds of meat. The ingredients are simple and include spices, special sauces, vegetables, and yogurt. This meal is good for a feast and is usually served on important occasions, but can still be found as part of their street food offerings.

Biryani is a well-known meal all over the world. It came from the Persian word meaning fried before cooking. The process of making it, from the preparation to serving, is astounding. It requires concentration and patience in order to create this tasty meal, and the great thing about it — there is a lot of meat to choose from.

9. Pani Puri

Pani puri is an Indian treat that is a round, crispy flatbread with a thin skin. Typically, this is served by making a hole in the Pani Puri, stuffing it with potatoes, spices, and other vegetables, and then dipping it in a special liquid mixture made of chutney, masala, onions, spices, and other vegetables. It varies depending on the fillings, and this is the only snack that is served cold.

Pani puri originated in India and has since become a popular dish around the world. This snack can fill you up and make you want more because it is served in bite-sized portions, and it makes you want more because it is flavorful. The sauce mixture also comes in a variety of flavors depending on the vendor.

10. Masala Chai

The only drink on this list is Masala Chai. It originated in India and has become a national favorite throughout the country. It is a tea made with black tea, herbs, and spices. It is similar to herbal tea in that it is healthy for everyone and does not have many variations. Some vendors add a western twist to it, making it even more unique.

Being served Masala chai is not only a treat but also a show, as some vendors show their skills in terms of tossing liquid mixtures around, which appears difficult but is still a good skill. Masala chai is a spice blend that smells exceptionally fragrant.

11. Naan

Naan is one of the best Indian foods because it is served as a side dish, but it also pairs well with many Indian dishes. It is typically baked or fried and is made with yogurt milk, wheat flour, yeast, and other spices. When people eat this toasty bread, they get a variety of textures, making the entire meal more delectable.

The oven used to bake it is also a tandoor, but it can also be fried. This bread is popular because you can literally pair it with anything and turn it into a full meal. Not only is it light, but its flavor bursts in your mouth. Naan comes in a variety of flavors, but the plain Naan has a neutral flavor like a plain flatbread.

12. Mattar Paneer

Mattar paneer is a dish served for dinner. It contains curry, peas, a tomato-based sauce, masala, spices, and additional vegetables. This is an Indian meal that can be served with rice or naan. This Indian food is healthy because it is a stew full of vegetables, into which people can dip anything.

This food originated in India and has some nutritional value, but too much intake could be bad for you as it is a heavy dish. It is special because it is often eaten with family and friends. It is a complete meal when served with naan or rice, and you can add more food to it to make it an appetizer or snack.

13. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala originated in the Indian subcontinent and is one of the most famous meals in the world. It contains chicken, spices, vegetables, peppers, and cream. It is typically served with naan or rice, or both. Chicken Tikka Masala varies across India — one store may add more masala, while another may reduce the masala.

Chicken Tikka Masala has many variations that are not limited to chicken. Other Indian food can be paired with this, and as we all know, Indian spices are powerful but flavorful and fragrant. This dish was created in the 1970s by a chef who pleased his customer by incorporating tomato cream into the chicken tikka.

What is your favorite of these dishes? What dish would you like to try? Tell us in the comments.


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