These parents came up with an ingenious idea to stop their son slamming the door

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9 months ago

Almost all parents experience a certain amount of conflict when their kids reach their teenage years. More often than not, they spend long periods of time feeling exasperated by the behavior of their unruly offspring. Sometimes, however, parents turn out to be resourceful enough to find solutions to the problem of youthful indiscipline.

Recently, an image surfaced on Reddit showing how one couple resolved the issue of their teenage son always slamming his bedroom door.

It’s probably not what you’re expecting...

That’s right — they decided to saw their son’s door in half. Some might see this as going too far, but you’ve got to admit — the expression on his face is pretty hilarious. We’re pretty sure he finally got the point and won’t be slamming what’s left of that door anytime soon!

Preview photo credit DUTCHBANDIT / REDDIT
Based on materials from huffingtonpost


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