“This Is Not Your Birthday Party,” a Mom Sparks Debate When Her Child Is Refused Cake at a Stranger’s Party

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4 months ago

Kat Stickler, a mom on TikTok, sparked debate amongst her audience when she made a video about her daughter being shunned at a birthday party in a public park. The incident was shared on TikTok and Instagram, with many supporting the mom’s anger at the situation, while others called her entitled.

Kat Stickler’s daughter was denied cake by another mother at the party.

Kat Stickler’s video began with her saying she doesn’t usually “mom-shame” anyone except her own parents and herself, but the incident had led her to judge someone else’s parenting. Stickler had taken her daughter to a nearby park where a group of children were having a birthday party. Her daughter, MK, had been “playing with them for like half an hour. They were making friends.”

When it came time to sing happy birthday, MK had joined the group and was apparently being welcomed by them. However, when MK joined the other children to grab a piece of cake, the hosting mother of the party took the cake away from MK.

Stickler says, “The mother takes the plate away from MK and gets down to her level and says, ’You cannot eat this cake, okay? This is not your birthday party. These are not your friends. Where’s your mother?’”

The TikTok divided opinions and caused outrage among her followers.

Kat says she had not interfered at the time but was outraged at this. Many of her followers fully agreed with her.

“I can’t believe a parent would treat a child like that regardless! I’d be super happy to share cake with a new friend my kid has made,” said one follower. Another comment said, “I would be livid!! I shared cake and cupcakes with all of the kids at the park for my daughter’s first birthday! They became her and my other daughters.”

While there were those who supported Kat’s video, others did not. “She doesn’t know the child. What if it has allergies that she is unaware of?” said one commentator. Another said, “To be fair, when we’ve had parties at parks that we’ve paid to reserve—I don’t expect these other kids to come eat the food and cake that I bought.”

“No cake for me, thanks. I’m full...of rage.”

Although Stickler did not share how she had reacted or if she had confronted the mom, many of her audience were of the opinion that she was not entitled and had a perfectly reasonable response.

In a follow-up TikTok, Kat made fun of the situation. In the video, she is holding her daughter in a park, with the sound: “Why is everyone acting weird towards me?” One fan commented, “Every mom in the park is going to share cake with her for the rest of her life.”

Many parents employ different parenting styles that get criticized by others, such as this dad who was called out by people for giving his baby a bath while washing the dishes.


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