TikTok Users Can’t Get Enough of This Cat Holder From Amazon

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TikTok never fails to amaze us with its wide range of hilarious videos and product recommendations. Surely you’ve seen videos in your feed that have made you say, “WOW, how creative are some people?” and “WOW, I need this!” These cats from TikTok became the stars of a viral video. The video has received around 11 million views and 2.5 million likes, so far, as a result of its success. Their comical poses and the absurd way they are used just makes people smile.

Read the article to the end to discover even more products for your desk that will definitely surprise you with their creativity.

So why is everyone so excited about these cats? What’s all the fuss about? It turns out they were designed to hold AirPods, but their purpose is limited only by our imagination. Customers have figured out many ways these cats can be used to hold items ranging from all sorts of pens and jewelry to candles and pill jars.

These cats can provide hours of entertainment and briefly take you back to your childhood. You can choose from 5 colors on Amazon or get a set of 5 cats of all colors at once, which is very handy if you plan on making them work and hold things all around your house. They are made of plastic and measure 6 cm / 2.36 inch. They can hold more weight than you might think.

Here are a few scenarios where you can use these cats:

  • They will be an excellent gift for devoted cat lovers (those people who have the whole house covered with cats, a towel with a picture of a cat, a rug in the hallway in the shape of a cat), so these figurines of cats will be a great addition to their collection.
  • They can serve as funny decorations on a cake. It won’t take much time to decorate, but it will make your guests laugh out loud (just don’t let anyone eat them).
  • Keep these figurines near the table, so they can keep your spirit up while you work, as well as help to hold a USB flash drive, pens, or money.

For more inspiration on how to use these cats, look them up on TikTok — just search cat AirPods holder and cat pencil holder. There are dozens of these videos on TikTok, as people never stop finding new ways to use them, and the library of cat videos continues to grow.

Check out these happy buyers’ reviews:

  • The best thing I’ve ever bought, hands down. Had me howling when I was scrolling through the cat options of regular coat colors to stumble across 4 black cats holding a coffin in the air!!! Hours of fun!!! @Noah R.
  • Amazing product! This item is the best for cat lovers and is perfect for a gift. The quality is absolutely perfect, and it can hold AirPods. I recommend buying this cat figurine as it is a high-quality, cheap gift for anyone who loves cats. @Buthayna Erdem
  • I bought it as a secret Santa gift for an animal lover. She absolutely loved these cute little cats and said it was the best gift she’d ever had. Win! @debra kemp
  • I love them! I did actually get them because they looked so cute, but they don’t hold anything. Although these do have a use (propping things up, etc.). They’re all sitting on a shelf, looking like they’re constantly celebrating! Hilarious! @Ali
  • Saw these on TikTok & no regrets about buying them. Super cute, they even have paw beans! @lufu

Bonus: Don’t just stop at adorable kittens, because Amazon also has tons of fun and cute products that you can place on your desk.

1. Look at this adorable toddler Groot, who will gladly hold your gaming controller while you work, and in the evening, he will keep you company during your gaming sessions.

Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy & Marvel will just love this Groot. He can hold not only a PlayStation gaming controller but also an Xbox, Nintendo Switch gaming controller, and TV remote. This holder is 8″ tall.

Promising review:

So cute! My son uses this when charging his Nintendo Switch, phone, and Xbox controller, so he knows where it is. It’s very handy. @Shannon omalley

2. If you think you’re busy multitasking, check out how this figurine struggles to hold both your pen and your tape at the same time.

Instead of boring organizers, diversify your desk space with this holder for tape and various little things. It comes with a roll of tape, paper clips, a pen, and a sticky notepad. The funny thing is that this little man can be lifted up, and underneath, you will find paper clips. Surprise and amuse your colleagues with this purchase.

Promising review:

I bought this as a bit of fun for my desk at home to encourage my creative side and keep things tidy. It is really useful for keeping all of your essential office equipment in a compact, fun, and organized way. The funniest bit is the paperclip storage in the loo part of the product itself. It has become such a feature of my desk that my girlfriend and I have named him Louis (hopefully, you get the pun!). This is a very fun product with a purpose for every day at your desk. @Doughnut

3. Let your inner child enjoy cute things, like this gum-shaped AirPods case. You’ll even love the fact that the case opens identically to the original gum package.

This case is suitable for AirPods 1 and 2. It is made of silicone, so it will absorb the shock of a fall and protect them from dust. The case also has a cutout for charging the earbuds without having to take them out of the case.

Promising review:

Great product!! I absolutely love this product, I love the way it looks and the fact that it looks exactly like the bubble gum roll. I am a big fan of collecting different retro sweets — AirPods cases. I cannot fault this product, as it does what it’s supposed to and looks lovely when carrying them. @Laura Moorsom

4. Add a cute little doggie to the support group, and he’ll happily hold your glasses while you sleep. Don’t worry, your spectacles will be safe and secure with that adorable face.

You’ll never lose your glasses again with this cute doggie holding them. This figurine is made of resin and measures 11 cm x 7 cm. The bottom of it is coated with a soft fabric so that it won’t slip off the table.

Promising review:

I highly recommend it! I bought this for my mom for her birthday, as she is always putting her glasses down, and she doesn’t remember where. She loved it! It’s a lovely little glasses holder, sturdy and arrived quickly. I’d definitely buy another one. @Helena

5. To reduce stress while working at your desk, add some ambient light. This bunny will be your must-have helper at night and will illuminate your desk with a subtle glow.

This bunny lamp is portable, and you can place it wherever you want. It’s made of squishy silicone and holds a charge for 12 hours, after which you need to charge it with the charger that comes with it. If you want to have a party after a hard day’s work, just change the mode from simple lighting to 16 color-changing mode by tapping on it.

Promising review:

I love it! I was hesitant to buy it with the lack of reviews, but it’s just so cute! It has 2 brightness settings and a rainbow setting that can be paused on one color. It took a while for me to get the hang of hitting it to change the setting. It requires a firm pat. Flicking an ear also works.
It can be turned off/on with a button on its base next to the charging slot.
It lasts me several nights before I need to recharge. @Cat

Is there an item at your desk right now that makes you happy every time you look at it? Share the picture with us in the comments.

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Preview photo credit Patricia / Amazon, Amazon


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