Top 10 Sexiest Bald Men of 2022, According to Study (Prince William Has Been Dethroned)

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Taking not only the golden ratio into consideration but also various other aspects like height, net worth, public opinion, and the “shine factor” of bald heads, a study has determined who the hottest bald men in the world are. The ones who made it to the top of the list were scored out of 10.

10th place — Mike Tyson

With a score of 2.5/10, the former professional boxer secured 10th place on the list. His golden ratio score is 58.03%.

9th place — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The beloved Dwayne Johnson was able to secure 9th place with a score of 3.62/10. It’s interesting that he’s tallest on the list with a height of 1.93 meters (6 feet, 4 inches) and also has the highest net worth. His golden ratio score, however, stood at 43.80%.

8th place — Joe Rogan

The famous comedian and presenter has a golden ratio accuracy of an impressive 72.76% and an overall score of 4.37/10.

7th place — Bruce Willis

face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/ East News, Lions Gate/Courtesy Everett Collection/ East News

Bruce Willis was awarded an overall score of 4.75/10. He scored 61.33% on the golden ratio scale.

6th place — Jason Statham

Jason’s total score came out to be 5.96/10. His face is the most accurate as per the golden ratio standard on the list with a score of 78.09%.

5th place — Prince William

Crowned the sexiest bald man in 2021, Prince William has tumbled down to the 5th position. He scored 6.13/10 in general and 66.83% on the golden ratio scale.

4th place — Pitbull

Scoring slightly better than Prince William is singer Pitbull with a score of 6.16/10. His face is 67.69% accurate as per the golden ratio standards.

3rd place — Shemar Moore

The Criminal Minds actor scored 6.25/10 and secured the third spot on the list. It should also be noted that he was found to be most popular on Twitter compared to others and his head is apparently the shiniest.

2nd place — Stanley Tucci

Invision/Invision/East News, © stanleytucci / Instagram

Stanley scored a 75.83% on the golden ratio scale and an overall 6.33/10. He has the second most accurate facial proportions on the list.

1st place — Vin Diesel

Scoring well across all categories, the sexiest bald man is Vin Diesel. His face is 69.26% accurate as per the golden ratio and he got a total score of 6.46/10.

Bonus: 2 of the sexiest bald men together

Who is the hottest bald man in the world, according to you?


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