Try Planting These 15 Flowers, and Your Garden Will Turn Into the Sweetest Dessert

year ago

Candycane oxalis, ice cream tulips, and vanilla strawberry hydrangeas — these names sound like desserts, but in fact, these are beautiful flowers you can plant in your garden to make it look like a sweet paradise. These flowers have fluffy, gorgeous buds that look like desserts and can create the illusion of colorful clouds covering the flowerbeds in your yard.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 15 gorgeously fluffy plants that will add charm and beauty to your garden.

4. Ball-shaped chrysanthemum

10. Grape hyacinth or muscari

11. Aster

13. Lilac

Do you have a garden? Which flowers do you grow there? Show us the pictures of your gorgeous flowerbeds in the comments!

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