Two Sisters That Were Called the Most Beautiful Twins in the World Are Gonna Win Your Heart Too: Just Look at Their Photos

2 years ago

Everyone believes that babies are cute, and inevitably, we think of our own kids or grandkids as the most adorable ones in the world. But when Jaqi Clements brought her twin daughters into the world 11 years ago, everyone could see that there was something extraordinary about them. Even when they were babies, they were predicted to become models, and today, they are indeed known to be “the world’s most beautiful twins,” and hundreds of agencies are lined up to sign them as models.

We at Bright Side are mesmerized by the beauty of these stunning twins and we suggest you take a look at these gorgeous kids.

This stunning pair was born in California before their due date and, luckily, they were healthy. Their parents, Kevin and Jaqi Clements named the twins before they were even born. Quoting Jaqi, “They came 4 and a half weeks early, but knowing their personalities now it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything.”

As soon as the twins were born, even the doctors and nurses in the hospital were stunned by their beauty. Things were pretty much the same when they grew up. 6 months later, their mother Jaqi introduced her girls to the world of modeling. But then she changed her mind because the Clements had to look after their 2-year-old son Chase, and a new set of twin daughters at home. Adding modeling on the top of that would have made their daily lives much harder.

But, in 2017, Jaqi was ready to give it another shot. Their daughters were growing and developing their own personalities, they also loved to perform their dance routines in front of any audience. So, with her daughters’ consent, she approached some industry contacts and got Ava and Leah signed to 2 different agencies.

Jaqi also makes sure that her daughters attend school. If there are any shoots booked via Instagram, she schedules them on weekends or right after school to ensure that the twins don’t miss out on their studies. If the shoots involve an agency, they have a designated teacher on set to help the twins with their school work.

When the twins have to show up on a set, they get up early to drive 2 hours to Los Angeles because this is where most of their jobs take place. Sometimes, their mother surprises them by planning a lunch, dinner, or fun little outing with their friends in LA. Because shouldn’t life be fun when you’re busy studying and working at such an age?

In the early days of their modeling career, their mother Jaqi would take photos with her old camera and cell phone. Now she prefers getting them done by professional photographers because they have a knack for developing unique images.

After all these years, these gorgeous twins have successfully made it to famous brands like Crocs, Sandcastle Magazine, Target, Skechers, Recess Kids, and a lot more. Their undeniable natural beauty stole everyone’s heart in no time.

Gradually, as the twins got into modeling, they began developing a taste for it. They wanted more and Jaqi wanted to make sure her girls were happy. Now, since the girls are young, and their parents were unsure of what to do, Jaqi got them enrolled in dancing and swimming classes, and let them explore modeling too on their 7th birthday. She considered 7 to be their lucky number since the twins were born on July 7.

This exquisite beauty runs in the entire family! Now we know where the twins got their good looks from. You may be surprised to learn that girls’ brother, Chase Robert, is also an aspiring model and loves to play basketball.

What makes everything worth it for the Clements is they know how to enjoy their experiences. The family goes on adventures every now and then. The girls have surely grown into this lifestyle. They love to dress up, sing, dance, and be the center of attention. Although, Ava and Leah do face some criticism from their audience, they know that their family has their back at all times.

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Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit clementstwins / Instagram


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Such beautiful girls! Let's hope puberty doesn't hit them too hard :D


Who gives those titles? They are just kids, yes, adorable ones.. but I think it's offensive to other kids to call these girls "the most beautiful in the whole world"


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