Vera Wang, 73, Shares the Secrets to Her Youthful Appearance

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There are so many methods to use to look as young as possible. Experts suggest getting enough sleep, staying out of the sun, and getting in daily exercise. But 73-year-old fashion designer Vera Wang uncovered some more youth tips that can be very helpful when taking care of your skin, mind, and body. She doesn’t seem to be aging at all, so her secrets must be one of a kind.

Here at Bright Side, we love delving into unique beauty and youth secrets that stars like Vera Wang use, and we’d like to share some of her everyday routines.

1. She uses baby oil in the bathtub.

Vera Wang has a lot of allergies, so she’s very careful with the kinds of products she uses. When she was younger, Vera was a shower person — but now she likes to take baths more often, especially since they are calming. One of the most important she does is moisturize, so baby oil really works for her when it comes to nourishing and soothing her skin. Her second most important thing is sunblock, and she likes to use a moisturizer with SPF 30.

2. Vera believes that being productive is a good way of dealing with aging.

She never really thought about youth during her time in the fashion industry because she works with “the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis.” Because of that, she envisions them as her muses and believes that it was “maybe a way of dealing with aging that is productive.” She also thinks that aging is too old-fashioned because, in life, people must learn to try and continue growing one way or another.

3. She wears light blue sunglasses to protect her eyes.

In her line of work, Vera has to constantly be looking at her phone, computer, and TV screens. She believes that glasses made for protecting your eyes are extremely important for saving your irises and pupils — “we need to be mindful because the damage will catch up to us eventually.” Vera has also been curating a collection of more than a thousand pairs of sunglasses since 1973, when she was the accessories editor at Vogue.

4. Her exercise routine includes cycling and playing golf.

Vera likes to keep her weight training light and fast, and doesn’t lift weights that are heavier than 2 or 3 pounds which takes her a total of 5 minutes. Her go-to exercise is bike riding and she loves cycling around her neighborhood whenever she has free time. However, she doesn’t really enjoy working out. That’s why she’d rather play golf, and claims she is “terrible but enthusiastic.”

5. Vera hasn’t eliminated junk food from her menu.

Vera’s kitchen consists of 2 TV’s, an ice cream freezer, a soda fridge, and a healthy fridge. She also has a candy pantry, a cereal pantry, and a pantry for what she calls “orange food” which includes Cheetos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and all kinds of chips (which she’s a huge fan of).

She also eats junk food, saying, “I eat a lot of McDonald’s. I’ll add the Oreo McFlurry too.” One time when she was shooting for days with her team, she ate a McDonald’s lunch every day. “I know people say it’s all bad for you, but I don’t think it is. It’s not much worse than a lot of other stuff out there.” She’s also a huge fan of Dunkin Donuts.

What methods do you use to look young and beautiful? Would you incorporate some of these routines in your life?


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